Quest for Camelot (1998)

Warner Bros likeable animated film
April 14, 2011

Back at the mid 90s while Disney produced their greatest achievement "Mulan", Warner Bros decided to join the competition by producing their own animated movie based on the autherian legend, "Quest for Camelot".

What's it about?

It tells the story of Kayley, a girl who wants to become a knight in order to join the knights of the round table. However, one of the knights named Ruber (played by Gary Oldman) betrays Authur and plans to steal the sword Excalibur and take over all of Camelot. He then forces the bird to take the sword, but coincidentally drops it into the forest. So Kayley sets off on a magical adventure while meeting a blind hermit named Garrett (played by Cary Elwes) and a two-headed dragon named Devon and Cornwall (played by Eric Idles and Don Rickles) along the way. Then, she finds that she and Garrett have romatic feelings for each other as the gang tries to find Excalibur in this wonderful musical adventure.

I know some of you hated it and referred to it as a "Disney Knockoff" and disliked it for its hard time of explaining. As for me, I found this movie to be quite memorable like New Line Cinema's The Swan Princess. Here's my opinion to prove it.

[It happens to be a fact that this movie is the first non-disney film to have dragons as sidekicks.]

The Characters: Kayley is a Non-Disney princess who wants something more (like Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast) than just spending her time on the farm doing chores. Garrett, the blind hermit, is a very cool guy who uses his stick to help him walk and also helps him avoid some moving plants. Devon and Cornwall seems to be very likeable sidekicks due to their comic relief personality. Ruber is a very good villian especially during his song and is in no doubt very threatening and charismatic. The rest of the characters are all likeable, no doubt and it takes a lot of actors to protray them. Grade: A-
The Acting: I think Warner Bros did a great job at choosing actors to voice our likeable characters. Cary Elwes was great as Garret, that chick also did great as Kayley, and Gary Oldman was very talented at voicing Ruber. Eric Idles and Don Rickles were very cool when voicing Devon and Cornwall and they are so good at doing their comic relief moments. The rest of the actors did pretty well voicing the other characters and they have been given a thumbs up. Grade: A+

The Storyline: It follows the same plot from the book by Lera Chapman except with new plot-twists, new sub-plots, and new characters. To be honest, I never read the book in order to see the movie follow it, but I think it's a fine way to make an animated movie with that subject for that matter. Grade: A-

[No thank you, no thank you very much.]

Music and Songs: The music score for the movie was by Patrick Doyle ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", "Eragon", "A Little Princess", and many more) and I think he wrote the songs just to make it easier to kids ages 8-12. As a teenager, I still liked them very much. "United We Stand" was very decent, "On My Father's Wings" was very likeable, "Ruber" was very great, "I Stand Alone" was very memorable, "If I Didn't Have You" was very funny and so enjoyable, and "Looking Through Your Eyes" was the most beautiful song throughout the entire movie. The Prayer won an academy award for best song in an animated movie. H*ll, there were a lot of singers who sang with Celine Dion in every concert they've been too together. Great job on getting Celine Dion to do that song after singing such memorable songs like "Beauty and the Beast" with Peabo Bryson and "My Heart Will Go On" from James Cameron's hit "Titanic". Grade: A+

[A very cool-looking view of Camelot.]

I would recommend this movie to kids ages 8-12 and All of the credit goes to Warner Bros and I think that they've done a great job producing this memorable movie. If you hate it, avoid it, but if you love it, then watch it again and again and it'll keep your mind bursting with joy.

Long story short, this movie is one of the best non-disney movies ever while Disney continues to be the king of animation studios.

Rating: 5/5 stars
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