Based on the best-selling manga series by creator Kosuke Fujishima (also the creator of Oh My Goddess), You're Under Arrest follows the exploits of two young policewomen in the Traffic Division of Bokuto Station.

Hilarity and Hijinks ensue as these two young policewomen attempt to rid the streets of such outrageous characters as Strike-Man: the defender of justice, and the Motor Scooter Mama.

There are two seasons for this series:
The first season ran in 1996-7
The second season (or TV Series 2) ran in 2001

A sequel, You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle, ran in 2007-8.

Contributions: Most of the Second Season has a summary, but
almost nothing is available from the first season so please post if you have seen any episodes. Original airdates were gathered and interpolated from the ANN Encyclopedia and If any of your TV stations in the US play this series, please post those new airdates.

Rating: TV-PG for some action. The violence is lighter than Looney Tunes.