Mr. Meaty is an American/Canadian television series, airing on CBC Television in Canada and aired on Nickelodeon, But was later moved exclusively to Nicktoons Network in the United States. It features the voices of Jamie Shannon, Jason Hopley, Marty Stelnick, and Todd Doldersum. The show is about two lazy teenage boys named Josh Redgrove (voiced by Shannon) and Parker Dinkleman (voiced by Hopley) working at a fast food restaurant called Mr. Meaty (a parody of fast food chains) located inside the Scaunchboro Mall (a name based on the Ontario city of Scarborough). The show was Infamous for it's weird Puppets, and Gross Humor. (Notable Example being the Episode "Moochmaster P") The program ran from September 22, 2006 until May 23, 2009 when production was subsequently cancelled due to poor reviews and low ratings and is now officially out of syndication. This was also the time Nicktoons Network became just "Nicktoons".

Content for the show can be found on Youtube, and Dailymotion, Alongside some DVDs for the show can be found, Though not being officially licensed by Nickelodeon themselves. The only time a DVD that was licensed by Nickelodeon, was when One episode of the show was on it. It was on "Nick Picks 5".

Other than that, the show seems to not be acknowledged by Nickelodeon anymore.