Kuzco is the selfish emperor in the Inca Empire. One day he summons Pacha, the leader of a nearby village to inform him that Kuzco is building Kuzcotopia, a new summer village of his, right on the site of his house, leaving him and his family homeless. After Pacha's protests fail to reach out to him, his adviser Yzma and her dim-witted right man Kronk try to kill him with a poison so Yzma can assume rule of the empire. The supposed poison to kill him however, is actually a potion that winds up transforming him into a llama. Kuzco is left out in the wilderness with no way to return home to his kingdom, and Yzma and her assistant both want to find and kill him. The only way of breaking the spell and re-taking the throne is for Kuzco to learn to think of others first.