Sliders is the tale of one, Quinn Mallory. A grad student at a university in San Francisco, California. He is working on a anti-gravitational device, when, accidentally, he opens a strange portal. After several days of throwing various objects into it, he goes through himself. On arrival, he finds himself in an alternate reality, where Elvis is alive and red stoplights mean go. Returning, he show his discovery to his best friend, Wade Welles, and his pompous professor, Maximillian Arturo. He convinces them to try it out, but, increases the portal to compensate for the added mass. He turns the portal too high, however, and snags Rembrant Brown, a washed up R&B singer on his way to a Giants game, for a comeback.
Unfortunetly, they have to leave the world they arrive on too soon, erasing their home coordinates.
The show focused on their attempts to return to their home, with many exciting adventures along the way, as well as showing interesting timeline divergences.