One thousand years ago, a clan of Gargoyles led by Goliath protected Castle Wyvern, but one day they were betrayed and most of them destroyed. Goliath and the other survivors were cursed into a stone sleep that would last until the castle rose above the clouds. In 1994, David Xanatos (a rich and powerful industrialist) buys the castle and moves it to the top of the tallest skyscraper in Manhattan. The gargoyles awaken and are befriended by NYC police Detective, Elisa Maza. Goliath vows to protect Manhattan from modern day barbarians.

The first season and half of the second season are now available on DVD. Low sales of the second season have delayed the release of the second half.

Gargoyles co-creator Greg Weisman is continuing the story in comic book form, picking up where the series finale left off. The first issue of the comic was released by Slave Labor Graphics in June, 2006, to be released bimonthly thereafter.