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In a time of change and wondering when our first date would be our cartoons began to reflect it.
February 15, 2006
The Top 10 Cartoon women of the 90's

10. Gi- Captain Planet

It may have just been a ploy to shave a few millennia off of Turner's time in hell, but this bit of PC tripe gave us Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Maybe it added a few years now that I think about it, but no one can deny the hotness of the P-Man's resident water wielding tart. Nothing says ethnic diversity like a cute Asian in tight shorts.

9.Sailor Mars- Sailor Moon

True fans of the show will chastise me for not devoting and entire article to the Sailor Scouts, but in this humble nerd's opinion, Mars had sex appeal in spades. Her demure and traditional Japanese lifestyle hid her fiery temper and determination. We all know that high heels always make a short skirt better and Rae is no exception, Mars Star Power!

8. Julie Winters- MTV's Oddities/ The Maxx

She may have smelled like homeless people but Julie had it going on. Her grunge/punk outfits and sexy yet realistic physique attracted many a fan of the underground comic to the show. Granted she had to battle with several manifestations of her shattered psyche and hung around with a giant purple, clawed guy. Then again, what good girlfriend doesn't?

7. Blackarachnia- Transformers: Beast Wars

In a male dominated cartoon it is very easy for a female character to fall by the wayside in the story department, acting only as eye candy or as a token chick for the censors. In this case she may have been easy on the eyes but Blackarachnia was never far from the plot. Bot-heads cheered when she made her jump to the Autobots and followed her romance with Silverbolt like a pack of Days fans. She should have a warning label: Danger! Hot Surface!

6. Elisa Maza- Gargoyles

Gargoyles was a new type of cartoon for Disney. Dark and gritty, it captured the attention of the tween set and held it in it's stone crunching claws. What a better way to make sure the boys keep watching than to toss in a strong and sexy cop with a soft spot for monsters. "Gargoyles" may have been title, but we all know why we watched it....

5. Calico Briggs- S.W.A.T. Kats
Half Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and half Top Gun, S.W.A.T. Kats was a great addition to the "extreme" lineup of 90's cartoons. Between blowing up the occasional giant monster and saving the city, the always had time for Calico, the hot Deputy Mayor of Megakat city. More often than not Calico was in peril, but she did her share of PR work on the Kats behalf, saving them a lot of headache in the long run. This cat definitely had it going on in the sexy department, so screw you Bob Barker!

4.Princess Sally-Sonic SatAM

What is probably the spark for many a furry's fascination, Princess Sally was part of Sonic's best received foray into TV. The serious story lines and the romantic involvement with the titular hero gave Sally all the appeal of a fuzzy Princess Leia. Her legacy lives on to this day in the regular Sonic the Hedgehog comic, giving fans a monthly dose of their favorite pantless heroine.

3.Aeon Flux-Liquid Television/Aeon Flux

When staying up to watch MTV was taboo, this leather "clad" vixen made you realize why. From her action packed introduction on the ill fated, but fantastic Liquid Television to her convoluted and sometimes confusing series, Aeon was destined to stick in our minds for years like a grappling hook in the sternum. Ouch! Hurts so good.

2.Zatanna-Batman TAM

Tim Burton may have made a new name for Batman in the theaters, but Bruce Timm gave the Dark Knight the spit shine he needed for an ongoing and amazing television series. Many character were reimagined for the series, and none dropped fanboy jaws like Zatanna. Her curvaceous form, her spry smile and those legs! Batman must have been huffing to much get-away-smoke to not have jumped at that when he had the chance. Ma'am! I'd like to volunteer for your next trick!

1.Minerva Mink/Hello Nurse-Animaniacs

As you can see we have a tie!
Animaniacs was an insane sketch comedy show meant to hold on to the fan base that was growing out of Tiny Toons. It's content reflected the changing interests of the viewers. No where was this more apparent than the characters of Minerva Mink and Hello Nurse. Blatant and raw sexuality were the main selling point of both of these minxes be it Hello Nurse's teasing of the Warner Brothers, of Minerva's musings about finding of the perfect man while every teen boy at home screamed "ME!" with his hand in the air. With two such perfect and well deserving first placers, the only thing to do is to leave it up to you guys.

From the day this is posted to February 25th the comments area of this article will also act as a polling place. Just leave your choice of hotties in your comment and the winner will be a subject of a Retro Junk article (by yours truly) all her own with lots of great pictures and info.

There you have it, they may have been images flashed on a phosphorescent screen, but they were the hottest things going in the 1990's. A round of applause for The top 10 cartoon women of the 90's!

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