Return of Cartoon Love (TBK)

An all star top 10 cartoon hotties from 2000 to 2007.
December 05, 2006
Times have changed; The Y2K scare has come and gone, the world is a much different place than is was when we were kids, but our love of cartoon babes has not changed. I offer you the top 10 cartoon babes of 2000 (so far). It all hot, and this time it’s all legal (cause pedophilia is gross, I’m talking to Kim Possible fans ;) )

I present to you

Return of Cartoon Love
(The Bad Kind)

The top 10 Cartoon Babes of 2000-2007

10) Eris- The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Discord, chaos, destruction, and hot blonds. Are there any things in this world more fun than they? I think not. She’s always around to annoy Mandy, give Grimm a headache, and delight Billy with rampant havoc. With her you’re only one golden apple away from growing an extra arm or inadvertently bringing about the end of the world. Either way, a fun date.

9) Lust- Full Metal Alchemist

The Homunculi may be artificial humans, but whoa momma! Lust takes after her namesake with gusto. A sultry stare and a killer (literally) body, she’s sliced her way right through fan’s ribcages and right into their hearts. She may only be a few steps away from a blow-up doll, but for a lot of otaku, that’s far enough.

8) Haruhara Haruko- FLCL

It seems like the more serious the world gets, the crazier anime gets. FLCL is no exception. Haruko is a Vespa riding, bass swinging, Galactic Space Patrol investigator, who is more likely to plant her guitar in your forehead than talk to you. Her zany antics and propensity for violence has won over fans on both hemispheres. You might have a chance, if she wasn’t hot for the ultra powerful space pirate Atomsk. (life is always cooler and crueler in anime).

7) Frankie Foster- Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

She’s the girl next door, if you live next door to an insane asylum/daycare. Frankie Foster is the caretaker at her grandmother’s foster home The Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (and you thought mowing the lawn was a steep price to pay for moving back in with family). She’s a no nonsense kind of lady, which is tough when you are surrounded by the wildest creations of children’s imaginations. All she needs is a night on the town with a nice guy with the correct number of limbs.

6) Erin Esurance- Esurance commercials

Wherever there is a driver in need of proof of insurance, she’ll be there. Whenever you need a quote on insurance, she hears your cry. Whenever giant football playing robots try to crush her, um I guess she’s ready to blow them up. Okay so she’s not always sticking to her “car insurance” guns, but who cares. This slinky yet safe action starlet is ready to save you money on car insurance. Now just pray your insurance agent, Glenn, doesn’t start wearing vinyl cat-suits. Egads! :P

5) Birdgirl- Harvey Bridman Attorney at Law

Your boss’ daughter is usually a topic relegated to very quiet water cooler jokes with the boys from the office. Imagine if you will that the boss’ daughter is and athletic redhead, who happens to idolize you to the point of insanity. Poor Harvey Birdman has that exact issue in Judy Sebben aka Birdgirl! Even more disturbing is the fact that her father, Phil Ken Sebben, has the hots for Birdgirl, oblivious to her true identity. Now that I think about it, do what Birdman does, leave this one well enough alone.

4) Silvia- Viewtiful Joe

Behind every viewtiful man is a viewtiful lady. Viewtiful Joe would be nowhere without his smoking better half Silvia. It was Silvia who was kidnapped and hauled off to the film world, forcing Joe to jump into the screen and become the Red Hot Hero he is today. Silvia is always there to cheer on her goofy boyfriend, and she’s not afraid to jump in and do some butt kicking of her own. Silvia knows how to use that super deformed body, and definitely knows what it takes to be Viewtiful!

3) Black Canary- Justice League Unlimited

She’s the white hot vixen with the body of a goddess and the voice of an air raid siren. This hot little number will break your arms then pop your head with her patented Canary Cry. Bruce Timm has updated so many DC characters, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but when Black Canary slips off her coat to spar with Green Arrow, she has the fans squawking “Pretty Bird! Rawk! Pretty Bird!”

2) Dr. Girlfriend- The Venture Bros.

What great villain doesn’t need a number two? Every great evil doer has had an equally great right hand man. For the Venture family’s arch nemesis, The Monarch, his go-to-guy is also his better half. Dr. Girlfriend may look demure and lady like, but cross her and you’ll catch a white knee high boot to the teeth. Her mannish voice has all the rumor mills churning, but from those who’ve “known” her best, she’s all woman.

1)Faye Valentine- Cowboy Bebop

There are two word’s that will send any ecchi guy running for the bathroom; Faye Valentine. The Bebop’s resident bad girl is the stuff of otaku dreams come true. Sure she might sucker you out of every dime you have and leave you destitute on the surface of some god forsaken space rock, but oh the memories you’ll have, c’mon, she has her own space ship! Not even the horror that is Man-Faye can wash away the love fan’s have for their purple haired goddess.

That is the top 10 cartoon hotties of the year 2000-2007. There’s still 3 years of the decade to go, and who knows what beauties will grace out small screen. Until Return of Cartoon Love (The Bad Kind) Redux in 2010, this is Mister Gone, signing off.

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Love, peace, and of course Chicken Grease.
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