Based on the popular roleplaying game, a group of children are sucked into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and given magical equipment by the gnomish Dungeon Master. With their new magical equipment and weapons, they help defend the world of Dungeons and Dragons from the evil Venger, all the while trying to find a portal back to the real world, so they can go home. In nearly every episode they are able to escape though at some cost which they turn down to stay together.

Cast of Characters:

Dungeon Master (voice: Sidney Miller)
Hank (voice: Willie Aames)
Diana (voice: Tonya Gail Smith)
Sheila (voice: Katie Leigh)
Eric (voice: Don Most)
Presto (voice: Adam Rich)
Bobby (voice: Ted Field III)
Venger (voice: Peter Cullen)
Tiamat (voice: Frank Welker)
Uni (voice: Frank Welker)