Time Squad
Debut: January 01, 2001
Ended: January 01, 2003

Set in the year one million, It's Time Squad's duty to protect history form falling apart. The show revolves around Officer Buck Tuddrussel,the trigger-happy cop. Larry 3000, the resentful robot that is the only one that knows how to control the satellite that they live in. and Otto Osworth, the orphan boy from the 21st century that knows alot about history and was admittedly kidnapped by the Time Squad. The motley crew encounters many historical figures such as Julius Caesar, George Washington, Cleopatra, and even George W. Bush.

Otto: "Larry Otto Larry Otto Tudrussel Tudrussel ahh Larry Otto Larry Tudrussel Larry."
Heckler: "Heckler: Duh! hey, Beethoven! Play "Freebird"!"
Tuddrussel: "It's go time!"
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