Divorce is never easy for anyone, but life after divorce is twice as hard especially for best friends Dave, Vic, and Donny as they prepare for weekend custody of their children. Over the course of 72 hours, the dads have their share of problems...along with their share of conflict with their ex-wives. Dave just can't make a commitment to his new girlfriend, Kim and soon finds himself taking a shine to a couple of divorcee/soccer moms. Meanwhile, Vic continues to carry a great deal of bitterness towards his ex-wife and gets a lot more grief than he bargains for when he's fixed up on the blind date from Hell. And Donny still holds a torch for his ex while he tries to relate to his moody teenage daughter, Emma, who would rather spend their "quality time" with Vic's daughter, Meg. Can these fathers -- who try to love their kids as best as they can -- survive until Sunday? Directed by Sam Weisman. Written by Gary David Goldberg and Brad Hall.