Curtains is a 1983 Canadian horror film that was directed by Richard Ciupka (who went under the alias Johnathan Stryker, who is one of the main characters in the film). The film starred John Vernon (ANIMAL HOUSE), Samantha Eggar (THE BROOD), Lynne Griffin (BLACK CHRISTMAS), Lesleh Donaldson (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME), Linda Thorson (TV'S THE AVENGERS), and Michael Wincott (THE CROW).

The film is about a famous horror director, Johnathan Stryker (Vernon), who is casting for the title role in his new film 'Audra'. Samantha Sherwood (Eggar) is determined for the role of Audra, and will even put herself in a mental institution for it, for research for her role. Stryker leaves Sherwood at the institution and decides to hold a casting session at his home, with 6 actresses for the role (Thorson, Griffin, Donaldson, Sandee Currie from TERROR TRAIN, Anne Ditchburn and Deborah Burgess). Sherwood flees from the institution, and wants revenge on Stryker, and to show him that he is wrong about not casting her as Audra. But soon, one by one, the actresses are killed and disappearing from the house, with the killer hiding their identity with an old-hag mask. Who is Audra, and who is the killer?

The film was produced by Simcom, who also produced PROM NIGHT, and was released by Jensen Farley Pictures, which also released MADMAN and CHAINED HEAT.

The VHS for the film was released shortly after the films release, by Vestron Video, and there is no official DVD release yet, which is upsetting because this is such a good film. The DVD was released in the UK, but is just an old rip from a VHS tape.

The film has gained a cult following, stating that the film's ice-skating scene is one of the most terrifying scenes in horror. The film's audio has been used by the heavy metal band Mortician, with their song 'Audra' (the title of Stryker's film).

Fans are now eagerly waiting for an official US/Canadian release of the DVD, and I agree, wondering why such a good horror film like this has no DVD release yet. What a shame.