Wee Sing: Grandpa's Magical Toys
Release: January 01, 1988

Join Peter, Sara, and David on their visit to Grandpa's. When Grandpa leaves the room, the magic begins. The children shrink to toy-size and meet Grandpa's Toys. Meet Punchinello, the clown, a muffin man, a farmer, some Scottish dancers, and more as they serve up plenty of laughs.

Punchinello (noticing the self-moving red rubber ball): "It wants to PLAY!"
Sara (whispering): "I think you're right about Punchinello..."
Punchinello: "Hi, Peter! Who are your friends?"
Peter: "Uh, this is David... and Sara... But--how did you know my name?"
Punchinello: "Oh, I've been watching you for years. I even winked at you once!"
Peter: "See? I told you it happened. It really did!"
Punchinello: "Right! I thought you were ready to visit us, but I guess it just... wasn't time yet."
Peter: "Uh, what do you mean?"
Punchinello: "Oh- there are just special times in your life when MAGICAL things happen."
Peter: "And this is one of them?"
Punchinello: "Yes indeed! But it only happens if you're young at heart!"
David: "But we're kids. We are young."
Punchinello: "Oh! Why, yeah, but I said young at heart. How old you are doesn't make ANY difference!"
David: "Wow, this is great...!"
Punchinello: "YEAH, YOU BETCHA, WHOA-WEEE! But I'm having... a little trouble here... could you help me out of my strings?"
Peter: "Sure will! (Punchinello guffaws and breaks free with kids' help)"
Punchinello: "Speaking of time..."
Cuckoo (from inside her clock): "I HEARD THAT!"
Punchinello: "...I think it's about (mouths the word 'time') I introduced you to some of my friends."
Toys: "What time is it, Cukoo? Cukoo"
Dutch Girl: "Muffin Man, Punchinello, if you please!"
Dutch Toy: "Hello!"
Punchinello: "Muffins are so simple! -Punchinello"
Punchinello: "(screans in the cookie jar) Hello in there. (echo) *Hello in there.* I think it's empty. -Punchinello"
Cukoo: "COO-COO! -Cukoo"
Farmer in the Dell and Muffin Man: "Roll that red ball down to town. Roll that red ball down to town. Roll that red ball down to town. Roll that red ball down to town. -Farmer in the Dell and Muffin Man"
Punchinello: "WHO stole the cookies from the cookie jar?"
Penelope the Pig: "*Snort, snort* [Who, me?]"
Grandpa's Toys: "Yes, you."
Penelope: "*Snort, snort* [Not me.]"
Grandpa's Toys: "Then, Who?"
Dutch Girl: "Miss, miss, pretty little miss. When you miss, you miss like THIS! -Dutch Girl"
Dutch Girl: "Oh no! My ribbons are un-done. Everything's ruined. What am I gonna do? Nobody will ever play with me again! -Dutch Girl"
Dutch Girl: "I am a pretty little dutch girl, pretty as can be, all the boys in the neiborhood are crazy over me-ee-ee! -Dutch Girl"
Dutch Girl: "I love coffee I love tea. I want Peter to come in with me. -Dutch Girl"
Peter and the merry-go-round animals: "What hams." "Hams? Did he say *HAMS?!* -Peter and the merry-go-round animals"
Cukoo and Dutch Girl: "It's time for Dutch Girl to straighten her ribbons." "No. I like 'em just the way they are. -Cukoo and Dutch Girl"
Dutch Girl, Sarah and Lassie: "1 2 3 a-twirlsy, 4 5 6 a-twirlsy, 7 8 9 a-twirlsy, 10 a-twirlsy catch me. -Dutch Girl, Sarah and Lassie"
Crayon: "What's a hip?...(pouts) OH, COME ON!!!!!! -Crayon"
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