For young Guy, he thinks that his new job is a dream...but soon finds out that it is nothing more than a nightmare for he is working for the boss from Hell. Many people want the covenant position of being Buddy Ackerman's personal assistant at Keystone Pictures (many find it a start to bigger and better thing...a good lineage if you will) and Guy is hoping to bring in opportunity. However, there is more to just protecting Buddy's interests and serving his needs; there is the constant verbal abuse and humiliation before those around Guy in the office. And when a beautiful producer who needs to get her project off the ground becomes involved with Guy on an emotional level (soon followed by an even bigger secret), Guy finally snaps and turns the tables when he takes Buddy hostage and submits him to the cruelest of tortures. So look out, Buddy. It's payback time. Written and directed by George Huang who once worked as assistant in Hollywood.