When the Blue Meanies invade Pepperland, Young Fred flees in a Yellow Submarine to bring back help. Soon he stumbles upon the Beatles, and the quartet head back to Pepperland with him to defeat the evil blue ones. Along the way, they stop through several bizarre "seas" and befriend a young boob named Jeremy.

Filled with bizarre pop culture, psychedellic animation, inside jokes galore, and many of the Beatles' trademark hits, Yellow Submarine has become a true classic, and a beloved favorite of generations of children -- though the film was not considered very successful during its initial release, and the Beatles themselves had little involvement in the production. American audiences were originally exposed to a truncated version of the film, which excluded the song "Hey, Bulldog" as well as a subplot involving "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" -- though an alternate scene (a Beatle battle) was added. When the film was released on DVD in 1999, it included the longer version, but the only way to see the alternate US battle sequence is on old VHS tapes.