Set in the beautiful Kalahari Desert of Botswana Africa,A native named XI,A group of inept terrorist ,A clumsy biologist named Andrew,and A beautiful news reporter,turned teacher,named Kate,share A hilarious Adventure.The movie begins with Xi,finds A coke bottle,believing it to be A gift from the gods.Once the village goes into chaos,Xi relizes the bottle is evil,and set out on A quest to throw away the bottle.Along the way,Xi encounters Andrew Stein,A good natured ,but clumsy,biologist.Andrew tries his best to impress the new school teacher, named Kate Thompson.Kate is A former newswoman,who becomes A teacher,to find A quiet,change of pace.Unfortunately Kate has her hands full with Andrew's Klutzy advances.Then there is the terrorists, lead by A man named Sam Boha.Boha's men unsuccessfully attempt to kill A Prime Minister,and are soon forced to go on the run.Eventually All these characters meet,and the end result is chaos,in the funniest way.The gods must be crazy,and so is this hilarious,foreign film.