The movie starts with a 20th Century FOX logo (like Star Wars). When a young couple's (Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon) car breaks down, they walk to a freaky castle to get assistance. But the castle is run by a bunch of oddballs from a distant galaxy, and things go from bad, to much much worse.

Based on a London stageshow, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the ultimate movie experience. A mad mix of classic horror/sci-fi super-charged sensuality and outrageous fantasy. It's the story of an ordinary couple and one unforgettable night at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a mad-scientist from the planet Transexual. Brad (Bostwick) and Janet (Sarandon) have arrived on their special night, the night of Dr. Furter's "beautiful creature", Rocky, the adonis humanoid created for the release of Frank's "tension", was to be born. Action-packed romance...Transylvanian Parties...Gorgeous Gals...Thrills & Chills...Losta Larfs & Sex...16 Great Songs...Including "The Time Warp", "Sweet Transvestite", and "Hot Patootie" by Meatloaf DON'T DREAM IT, BE IT! The Rocky Horror Picture Show has made audience participations an institution. Use this movie to practice all the wild spectacle routines and dialogue, so you can join the outrageous Rocky Horror experience at a theater near you!

Richard O'Brien latter released another movie called "SHOCK TREATMENT."