lets talk about a game from the late 90s that became something that nintendo fans would die to have
and thats super smash bros on nintendo 64
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here i'll be discussing about all three games that came out

at the times, super smash bros was a phenomenon
it had lots of great characters that everyone loves
mario, kirby, link, donkey kong, pikachu, fox, samus
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and about the commercial for this game, i never saw it back at the 90s because i was only a preschooler, but let me tell you, that was a completely hilarious and epic commercial
just look at it (actually this videos disabled of embedding, but you can watch it on youtube itself)

the 90s were indeed happy days
everybody misses it because of all the commercials, TV shows, movies, video games, and a lot of other things that looked good and it makes people want to go back in time and see all the classics again
and theres also an edited remix version of the commercial which i think is even more funny

and the intro to super smash bros was pretty good too

i remember watching my cousin in new york playing this
that was when i was ten or eleven years old
i surely miss those old days too

so anyway, i loved the nintendo 64 version of super smash bros because of the characters and such
and since the N64 version was the older game, it only had 12 characters (four of which are unlockables)
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getting luigi, jigglypuff, and captain falcon are all easy, but ness on the other hand was the hardest
i always struggle going through arcade mode on normal difficulty with only three stocks

speaking of arcade mode, i always remembered the classic announcer and vs screens
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the master hand battle was pretty good too
though i don't like that the final destination stage is only in the arcade mode and not an unlockable for vs mode
and the battlefield stage when you fight metal mario
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in fact, the only unlockable stage in the game was the mushroom kingdom which resembles the classic super mario bros
i did like that stage because of the "pow" blocks and warp pipes

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so yeah, super smash bros was one of the best that the nintendo 64 offers
in fact, everybody misses the N64 games that came out (except the completely crappy ones like "superman")

about two years later, in the spring of 2001, there came super smash bros melee on nintendo gamecube
to tell you this, this was the very first super smash bros game i ever got
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that game too had great characters to play as, and a great classic arcade and adventure mode
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and of course it had fantastic gameplay
though when i first got this game, i wasn't so good with the controls
you know, performing the special moves and stuff, but it was my first time playing of course

and then there was the character select screen
it had all the classics and many more unlockable characters and stages as well
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unlike the N64 version, you can actually play on final destination and battlefield after unlocking 'em

and to show you this, somebody created the whole title screen in NES style
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or better yet, watch this video of the NES screen and listen to the 8-bit music

melee also has event matches
they were all good, though they always get harder and harder
i think "pokemon battle" and "super mario 128" were my favorites
heres a video that actually shows all 51 events in one video

(i bet you can watch all of it)

that concludes melee
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it was indeed an incredible sequel to the N64 version

and now about seven years after that, the spring of 2008 came the release of the third SSB game; super smash bros brawl
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let me tell you, i definitely couldn't get enough of this game at all
and it was my very first wii game

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this had to be the best super smash bros of the series
it has tons of more characters, stages, game modes, and unlockables
it even includes two characters who aren't from nintendo; sonic the hedgehog and solid snake
i still wonder why those two were included

and one of the best game modes ever is the subspace emissary
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that was a mighty and badass adventure mode
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it has tons of maps, enemies, plots, cutscenes, and bosses
like rayquaza for example
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and then theres the final boss of the adventure; tabuu
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he was so powerful, even master hand wasn't strong enough for him
but what it really took to defeat tabuu was teamwork from all the playable brawl characters
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and thats how the SSE got a happy ending

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so thats what i have to say about everyones favorite nintendo game
super smash bros is a fantastic series of fighting games
each one gradually received more characters, stages, and other game modes
in fact, i even counted how many characters each game has
the N64 game has 12 characters, melee has 25 characters, and brawl has 35
i also heard that there'll be a new SSB game on nintendo 3DS and the wiiU
whenever it comes out, im so looking forward to it
if you're a nintendo fan and you love super smash bros, then i hope this article was enjoyable to you
thus concludes my new retrospective