he 90s is my favorite time period in music, primarily due to the proliferation of GOOD alternative rock during the decade.

From Weezer and the Smashing Pumpkins to My Bloody Valentine and Archers of Loaf, there was an absolute TON of great alt rock music getting released on practically a weekly basis. And while a lot of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam became immortal rock acts, a lot of other bands, despite being tremendously talented, just kind of came onto the scene and fizzled out, almost as quickly as they arrived.

Today, I would like to pay homage to alt rock acts of the latter category, giving them the recognition and approbation they oh-so retroactively deserve. These are the bands that achieved temporary fame, but could not sustain it, despite being outstanding musicians that, in many instances, managed to make music FAR beyond their heyday. Heck, some of these bands are still together and releasing albums, if you can believe it!

These bands are the unsung, unheralded and underappreciated acts that helped make the 90s the absolute greatest epoch EVER in the history of alternative music. And now, it is time to shine a much-deserved spotlight on their criminally underrated achievements and efforts. Hey, twenty years late is better than never, isn't it?