Stone Temple Pilots

This article is about the popular 90's rock band, the Stone Temple Pilots
July 15, 2013
One of the most popular bands of the 1990's was the Stone Temple Pilots.

Formed in 1986, in San Diego, California, the band consisted of Scott Weiland (Vocals), Dean DeLeo (Lead Guitar), Robert DeLeo (Bass), and Eric Kretz (Bass).

They released their first album in 1992:

Core (1992):

Core was the debut album released on September 29, 1992 through Atlantic Records.

The album was a huge commercial success for the band, and is considered one of the best rock albums of the 1990's. It sold nearly 10 million copies in the US, and was certified 8x Platinum by the RIAA. It produced several of the band's biggest hits, such as "Sex Type Thing," "Plush," "Wicked Garden," and "Creep."

I consider this album to be the band's best album to date.

However despite the huge commercial success of the album, the band recieved a lot of criticism from critics and some people for "jumping on the grunge bandwagon."

Criticism of being of a Grunge-rip-off band:

The music press at the time criticized the band as "grunge imitators." The band was widely accused of imitating bands such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana in an attempt to cash in on the scene's burgeoning popularity. Critics also pointed out that Weiland's vocal style at the time was very similar to that of Layne Staley's and Eddie Vedder's.

Weiland, however, rejected such comparisons, and cited Jim Morrison and David Bowie as more influential on his vocal techniques and sound.

The band would also later shut-up all those critics who accused them of ripping-off Pearl Jam.

Purple (1994):

Purple was the second studio album released on June 7, 1994.

The album's style sees an expansion of the band's sound. While the band's debut, Core, had a more grunge-oriented sound with churning guitar riffs and aggressive vocals, Purple saw the band shift to a more alternative rock-style, incorporating a number of influences, including psychedelic and southern rock.

The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and remained there for three weeks. The album was a huge commercial success for the band, and sold over 6 million copies in the US.

It spawned several big hits such as "Vasoline," ""Interstate Love Song," and "Big Empty." "Pretty Penny" and "Unglued" were also released as promotional radio singles and gots tons of radio airplay.

The album was certified 6x Platinum by the RIAA.

I consider Purple to be one of the band's best albums. It has different sound than Core, yet it show how STP evolved with their sound and finally shut up the critics who called them "Pearl Jam copy-cats."

Drug Addiction:

Despite the band's success in the 1990's, the band had huge conflicts due to Scott Weiland's drug addiction throughout the decade.

His drug addiction and drinking problems caused him to sometimes be late for concerts or canceling some shows during the tours.

Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop (1996):

Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop was the third album on released on March 26, 1996.

Tiny Music displays a drastic change in the band's sound, featuring music strongly influenced by 60's rock and bands such as The Beatles.

The album did not do well commercially, and was only certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA.
I consider this album to be great and highly underrated. While it began their decline in commercial success, none of that matters. It was a great album and showed the diversity of STP.

No. 4 (1999):

No. 4 was the fourth studio album released on October 26, 1999. The album was somewhat return to the band's earlier hard rock roots, while also blending elements of heavy metal, psychedelic rock, and alternative rock.

The song "Down" was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance at the Grammy Awards. The album also produced one of STP's biggest hits, "Sour Girl", which charted at #78 on the Hot 100.

The album was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

I consider this album to be one of the band's best efforts. It produced tons of my favorite STP songs such as "Atlanta," and " "MC5."

Shangri-La Dee Da (2001):

Shangri-La Dee Da was the fifth studio album released on June 19, 2001. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA.

It was a commercial disappointment for the band after the success of their first four albums.

I find this album to be highly underrated. I wish the band would play more songs of this album live.

Breakup in 2002:

In 2002, it was rumored the band had begun work on a sixth studio album in 2002. However, the band ended up breaking up that year after reports of an altercation between Dean DeLeo and Weiland after the last show of Stone Temple Pilots' fall 2002 tour.

Reunion (2008):

In 2008, the band got back together. Later that year, they began working on a new album and spent all of 2009 on the new album.

Stone Temple Pilots (2010):

Stone Temple Pilots is the sixth studio album released worldwide from May 21 through May 27, 2010, and is the band's first album since Shangri-La Dee Da (2001).

I'm sorry...but this album was a major dissappointment.

There were not many good tracks on the new album, and if felt very overproduced.

Chester Bennington era (2013–present):

On February 27, 2013, Stone Temple Pilots officially fired Weiland, due to conflicts and him still having addictions.

On May 18, 2013, Chester Bennington, lead-singer of Linkin Park, replaced Scott Weiland as the new lead-singer of the Stone Temple Pilots.

They released a new single "Out of Time," on May 19, 2013.

I honestly do not like this. Its not STP without Scott Weiland, and I certainly don't like Linkin Park.

Chester Bennington might have a good voice, but he can not replace Weiland.

I feel this new STP will fail, and they will end up begging Scott Weiland to come back to the band.

Thanks for reading my article, people! Please leave me your thoughts on what you thought!
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