Its pretty amazing when a television show can stand the test of time. Its even more amazing when one can do it while being in the Saturday morning time slot. But one show did: Saved By The Bell. Many have strived to be like it ( California Dreams, Hang Time, SBTB: The New Class) But all have failed. The 90s meant alot of things for me. But what I'll most remember about that wonderful decade was spending time with the gang at Bayside High, and their undisputable leader, Zack Morris. Ahhhh Zack. The one guys wanted to be, and girls wanted to be with. That streaky blonde hair, that smile that made girls melt and teachers suspicious. Looking back at Zack's storied career at Bayside you have to ask yourself: Has there ever been a cooler teenager in the history of television?

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Lets go to the replay:

-The guy manged to outshine A.C. Slater. Thats an accomplishment right there. A.C. busted onto the scene as a good looking ladies man himself. But he was also an All-American Wrestler and Football player. You would think that would give him the edge over our hero, but Zack was smart enough to join forces with Slater and steal his spotlight ( and sister, in one episode).

SIDE NOTE: (While watching the show now, does anyone else notice how outdated the clothes are, specifically Screech and Slater's outfits? And I'm not talking about outdated now, in the new century, I'm talking outdated in 1995. You just know some the cast members were watching reruns only a few years after the show and thinking to themsleves "Oh wow, what were are we wearing?" But that was life in Southern California in the early 90s. Of course this doesn't diminish the show's legacy in my eyes, it only boosts it up a notch).

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-He hooked up with the entire female cast (including Tori). It will always be Zack and Kelly, but he also managed to get with every other female on the show with more than two lines.

-He got accepted to Yale. Some of the words that come to mind when you think of Zack might be trouble maker and screw up, but definately not studius or book smart. But get this: Dude scored near perfect on his SATs and Yale came calling. Did anyone see this coming? We had obviously underestimated him until this point, and that was our fault.

-The guy was clutch. For Mr. Tuttle's business project, the gang decided to market Friendship Braclets. Differences within caused a splt that saw Slater, Jessie and Kelly produce Buddy Bands to rival Zack, Lisa and Screech. But Zacks own pigheadedness forced Lisa and Screech to join the Buddy Band team, leaving Zack alone, and out of business. Dead in the water? I don't think so. Zack bought a Buddy Band and gave it to Mr. Belding to wear. There is nothing more embarrassing than walking around sporting something that your Principal also proudly conveys. Buddy Bands then went out business. What Zack did was comparable to Magic's baby hook against the Celtics. It was Montana to Clark in the back of the endzone. was even better. By episode's end, everyone had made up, and Zack's business savvy was established.

-There have been tough times for Zack. His battle for attention with his dad, his numerous schemes that backfired, and his on-again off-again relationship with Kelly (highlighted by Kelly's boss at the Max, Jeff, stealing away Kelly in one heartbreaking episode). Despite these tough personal times, Zack never lost perspective on what was really important: His friends, and his school. He was there to help Jessie overcome her "drug" problem, was able to lead an anti-drug program campaign and stop oil drilling at Bayside.

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Maybe his greatest accomplishment was how he handled his adversaries. Mr. Belding was an easy guy to like, but when you're Zack Morris, making friends isn't the easiest thing to do. Mr. Belding rode Zack hard. He threatened him with detentions and even helped plot against him (the subliminal message episode ). It was a love-hate relationship, but both people liked, and more importantly, respected each other by shows end. (If you wanted to draw correlations to Mr. Feeny and Eric Mathews on 'Boy Meets World', you wouldn't be too far off).

Zack was the Fonz and Van Wilder rolled into one. He was Mike Seaver with an edge. A throwback, and yet ahead of his time. My generation salutes you, Zack Morris. If you're ever late to class, you know I'll save you a seat