YEAR: 1988
PLACE: Toy store
REASON: First in line to get an NES

You inside the store and see the beauty of the box. It's bright colors, but yet a dark side to it. It made you wanna break into that store and steal it.

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But, only the lucky ones who got there really early could lay there hands on it. Your parents forked over the 100 bucks and the rest was up to you. You got the Nintendo Entertainment System.

YEAR: 2007
TIME: Midnight
PLACE: Gamestop
REASON: First in line to get a Nintendo Wii

You look inside the store and see a square white box that on the side reads, "Wii". On the front of the box is a picture of the Wii with a white background.

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You could care less about the box becuase you want to break in and run off with the Wii. You get the Wii and leave.


As you've probably guessed, this article is about how today, video game companies spend about 5 minutes on the console box design. Back in the day with the golden systems, the box design was amazingly appealing. Now today, rthe box is boring, bland, and unappealing, but becuase of the internet, everyones knows about the console before it's out. So I'm gonna be reviewing some of the modern day console boxes VS. the classics. so let's begin.

Atari 2600
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Let's see. The title of the system's included, screenshots from some games on it, and a the console picture is on it. I mean even look at the kid's faces on the box. How happy do they look that they're playin' Atari? I'll give it an 8/10.

Xbox 360
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Ummm.... Wouldn't it of been nice to include a picture OF THE CONSOLE ITSELF ON THE BOX?!?!? What the hell's with those spirals on the front? Do they wanna give kids seisures? Well, at least it includes the name of the system and that it shows it has LIVE on it. But, again with the white backgrounds? WHAT HAPPENED PEOPLE!?!? I'll give it a 4/10.

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Ah. The classic NES Action Set box. One of the most appealing, attractive console boxes ever. It gives you the feeling of space some how and at the same time awesome long hours of gaming. The Nintendo logo with the big red letters ACTION SET on it. Also, the yellow ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM is just awesome. And who could forget to put the ol' Nintendo Zapper on? Great. 10/10.

Playstation 3
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Well, let's see.. Um.... it's not the WORST box design ever, but still not close to the best. It includes half of the console on it, which is kinda weird. I know there's a differnt box for the PS3 also which looks like this
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and I happen to like this one much better. Mostly becuase it includes the whole system and the game it comes with. Also, I guess they really wanted to get their point across about that it plays blu-ray, so yeah. I'll give the first on a 5/10 and the second a 6/10.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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This is also a great work of box art. It shows a BIG picture of the Super Nintendo with a controller and it has in BIG red letters, "SUPER NINTENDO" so that people know what they're buying. Also, I love that on the to right corner it says all the great things about the Super Nintendo like, "The system of choice for the seriuos game player!". And I really like that it has a semi black background and in the middle behind the system, a fuzzy TV. That was cool. Overall I give it a 8/10.

Playstation 2
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I know this isn't the NEWEST console, but it is kinda recent, even though there's a PS3 now. Uhhhh.. This is just really boring and unappealing. AGAIN with the white background which by now I despise and I guess I'll give it a point cause it has both angles of the console on the front and the controller. There's absolutely NOTHING on the front that says what it's about and the words "Playstation 2" are very small, but what if someone doesn't know that, that weird olog stands for PS2? Overall, a 2/10. Not great guys.

Nintendo 64
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Ah. The Nintendo 64 that makes up the jelly in the Nintendo system jelly sandwich. AKA, it fell in the middle of all of the Nintendo consoles. The box design happens to be pretty good for the middle console. It has a big picture of the N64 with the controller and it says in big white letters, "NINTENDO 64". I also like how on the side it's a black background, but in the middle it's a kind of shadowy white giving the odd feeling of a ghost. It was good that they put the N64 logo next to the words of the console, becuase that happens to be one of my favorite console logos of all time. Also, I like how it has the 4 reasons the N64 kicks ass. Overall, I give it a 7/10.

Well there you have it. The best and worst console box designs off all time. So just remember that console boxes used to be more well thought out and better than todays. NP out!