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A review of my favorite LEGO sets from the 80's and 90's
November 17, 2008
LEGO. Most likley we all had them at one point in time when we were younger. For me, LEGO was a big part of my childhood as well as many other things. As a child, lego could make you escape into another world of fantasy, adventure, and excitement!... And also you get to spend a while building it, which I personally liked. We all had our favorite sets... And them some of us just bought a set to dump into their HUGE lego bin to make something totally different with those and other pieces. But, I'm going to show you in my opinion, the best of the best. The sets that to this day I remember and some I still have. Maybe these were your favorites too? I don't know. These sets are in no particular order, they're just a few I really enjoyed.

#1. LEGO 6769- Fort Legoredo

This set was awesome, and I mean awesome. It was the biggest set in the Western series of sets (Most of the sets you're going to see are BIG sets) It was basically a fort that came with 10 minifigures and it had a great interior for a lego set. On the inside it was detailed with the Headquarters, ladders, barrels, and much more. I was always a fan of the western series because of the backstory. Early morning at the fort and suddenly a robbery occurs!! The sheriff and his men have to catch the bad guys on the run. But, in the end, the good guy always wins. I COMPLETELY recommend this set for any collector.

#2. LEGO 6991- Space Monorail Transport Base

If you like lego monorails, you'll love this one. This is the Lego Space Monorail Transport Base which was a monorail that took place in deep space. It came with 2 stations, 4 minifigures, and of course, a monorail. What more could you want with a lego set? This set was fun to build, play with, and it looked cool. So if you like lego and see this set anywhere for a cheap price (which is rare because most good ones go for 200) I say buy it.

#3. LEGO 6273- Rock Island Refuge
This in my opinion, was one of the best sets in the pirate series. This is a simple backstory. You and your gang of pirates have just stolen countless riches, but you need a place to store it. So, you take it to your private area where the rest of your gang is, and you hide out there with the loot. This set came with 7 minifigures and a big main baseplate to build the set on. Overall, this set was a pretty goos pirates set along with many others in the series. It was great to play with and fun to build!

#4. LEGO 6350- Pizza To Go

I know what your saying... (well technically I don't, but whatever) Didn't this guy say lego took you into a world of fantasy, adventure, and excitement? And nows he's trying to telll us that a pizza place is exciting? No. This was one of those sets that had no point of excitment and fantasy what so ever, but still was an awesome set. I mean it's pizza.... AND lego? What more could you want? This pizza set was really great in my opinion because it came with a pizza place, a pizza oven, a chef, his wife, a delivery boy, and a pizza delivery care. Even though it was a little set, you got so much to do with it. Basically a quick backstory is you work at a pizza place and you got to deliver a pizza. Simple, fun, and easy. I say to any lego collector or enthusiast, if you see this, get it. They're usually cheap.

#5. LEGO 6090-Royal Knight's Castle/ LEGO 10176- King's Castle

Now why am I putting 2 sets for #5 and one of them is actually from 2006? Because the 2nd one was actually a remake of the first one and I think the set was so well done that it should deserve some mention. Even on LEGO's official site they had this to say about the 2nd one, "Inspired by the legendary #6090 Royal King's Castle, the all-new Royal King's Castle rises majestically over the kingdom. "Let's start off with the Royal King's Castle. This was one of the biggest sets from the royal knight's sets from the 90's. It came with a base plate to build the castle on and 11 minifigres. This set was so much fun because you just pretended that you were the king of the castle and you had your knights guard a protect the castle from potential danger! Now, the King's Castle. This set is still on the markey for about 100 bucks and in my opinion is one of the best lego sets of the 21st century so far. It comes with a big baseplate to build the castle on and also with 11 minifigures. It basically has the same back story as the 1st one, except the castle is a bit bigger. I say both of these sets are great to pick up if you have a lot of cash on you.

Ok, well that's it. I told YOU about 5 of my favorite LEGO sets of all- time. So if you see any of these sets at a fleamarket, at a garage sale, on ebay, etc. I say buy them as a collectors item, or if you have kids who like lego, I bet you they would enjoy these more that the ones they see in stores. Untill next time, I'm NintendoPower. Thanks for reading.

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