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The fifth game that changed my life was Super Smash Bros. I recieved this game for christmas and immediatly and loved it. This game was the first ever to have all the nintendo characters to play as and intresting fighting stages. The character i was really good with was pikachu because i had some good tricks with him and really good skill. The best part in the game was facing Master Hand because it was always fun to kill him. This game changed my life by making me improve my skills so i could be better at fighting games.

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The fourth game that changed my life was starcraft. I recieved the game during my birthday and installed it I found out how great the game was. The game has three distinct races terrans, protoss, and zerg. In the game you play as each race and have ten missions to complete for each one they get harder each time you beat a mission. This game changed my life by having me think in a more strategic way in games.

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The third game that changed my life was Final Fantasy Tactics which was a intresting game. When i first got it I thought it would be a short game and little action I was wrong. There were parts about the game that were intresting one was a unique character classes, ability point system, and a good story line. The sad part about the game was that the main character dies in the end. This game changed my life by having me make my characters stronger in new abilites.

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Ok the second game that changed my life was Diablo. This game i got from a friend for helping him with his science project. I put it on my computer and loved it instantly. In the game you chose from three classes warrior, mage, and archer. In the game you have to do certain missions and destory diablo. The game was hard and fun to play because it always kept you on edge because you didn't know wether or not the door was safe or you had several dozen demons behind it. This game chnged me by having depend only on my character and my ability to play.

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The first game that changed my life and permanenlty changed it was Final Fantasy. This game was great just planley great it had a wonlderful story and great characters to play as. In the game you could play as six classes which you pick four of them they are called the warriors of light. They have to return the balance of the world and so they go onto a long journey and neara the end fight chaos himself. This game changed my life in a way that i got permanently stuck onto the series.

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