My fall halloween day

me being a kid for a day
October 29, 2009

The leafs are changing and Halloween is just around the corner. This is my favorite time of year so I have decided to take a day and dedicate it to nastolgia and just being a kid again.

I woke up at 6:30 and had to choose between Boo berry,Franken berry, and count chocula...

I chose chocula

I have fallen in love with these spiced pumpkin latte's 711 so off I went. Btw who the hell is this Domo guy plasterd everywhere I go??????

Sadly I hate to go to class for a hour at my collage which is like a block from my house and 7/11 so I might as well go.................

Out of collage and happy about it! To top it off the second I get in the car one of my favorite 80's songs was on the radio... Dire Straits Sultin's of Swing and as you can see I am happy about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a dorky pic I am almost embaressed to post it...

What to do....Wallgreens for some early Halloween candy shopping! Got a bag of giant peanut butter cups, carmle apple suckers, mini snickers bars,jolly ranchers,milky ways,dots,and jelly belly's. I don't give out crap candy...

that'll do pig... that'll do

So hopped up on candy and spiced pumpkin coffee and Valium I decided to go to Safeway and grab a pumpkin...
I did mention I took a few Valium didn't I ?? :P

found a good looking one but felt sorry for the poor ones left behind. Hopefully they find a good home

Next I was feeling a bit hungry and what did I love more then anything as a kid? Mcdonald's kids meals!

I forgot my camera in the car sadly but I got 2 kids meals 1 nugget meal and 1 burger meal, and no I didn't get pussy apples and milk with it either. I went old school with a graveyard (every pop on the machine mixed) and wonderful greasy fries. The girl at the counter said jokingly " arn't you a little old for these?" I replyed "never" then calmly walked over to the machine and made my graveyard.

Any of you remember these bad boys??

I was driving past my old High school on the way home and was like what the hell. What I did was very illegal but I pulled right up in the student parking lot and started walking around the school checking out my old trouble making areas. I fealt like the big man on campus looking at all these little punks everywhere and got checked out by the girls more in 15 mins then I did my entire high school career. Didn't feel like getting arrested or having pedofile on my record so I left after about 15-20 mins.

My old lunchroom.. Sadly lunch was not being served or maybe I would have even tryed to buy some school lunch.

I had to run to downtown Olympia real quick to drop something off to a friend. Along the way I always drive past these two places. Not really fall material but whatever it's along the way.

This is the mansion they filmed one of my favorite movies Black Sheep with Chris Farley.

This is the studio Curt Cobain recorded his first songs
at right before he was famous.Again I didn't plan these pics they were just along the way and are semi retro =)

Time to head home to work on my treat for my fellow Retro Junkers...

Typical Washington state Fall weather

As I mentioned I have a small treat I made for you all. I messed up and I am no artist but C for effort right?I want to wish you all a happy safe Halloween!


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