Scary things

Things that scared me as a kid...and as an adult!
April 15, 2009
They're creepy, spooky, and will send shivers down your spine! In fact, everyone has things that scared them as kids. Here are some of the things that scared me when I was a kid and still do today........

"Carrie" the movie!....Seriously, !@$# this movie! I remember having nightmares after watching this movie, the hand coming out of the grave, the blood, I was never able to watch another Sissy Spacek movie after this!

The Dentist!....Nothing makes you NOT want to get out of bed more than knowing that you have an appointment with the dentist that day! The drills, the needles, the drool...hey, even the Fonz was scared of this guy!

Clowns!....The makeup, the nose, the big floppy feet! I suppose there must be some kids somewhere who find clowns entertaining; otherwise, they wouldn't exist, but I was never one of them! I never trusted clowns...I think maybe John Wayne Gacy and the movie "It" confirmed my suspicions!

People talking on their cell phones while driving!....This one wasn't really much of a problem when I was a kid, but I'm sure it would have scared me as much back then as it does today!..... Drink a 12 pack of Miller Light, a fifth of vodka, then smoke a big fat Cheech and Chong sized doobie, and then get behind the wheel of your car and go....You'll probably be driving better than these people! Ever see someone changing lanes without signaling, running red lights, riding people's asses, drifting all over the road, and think that person is either drunk or on a cell phone? Then you pull up next to them, and, yep!, they're on the cell phone! Nothing fills me with more fear and rage than these inconsiderate dangerous @!%!s! If ya gotta make a call, keep it short and sweet or just pull the hell over!

And finally....China Dolls! My grandmother used to collect these things, and I remember how these things used to scare the crap out of me every time I stayed over her house! Sure, I guess you could say china dolls look nice and pretty with their porceline skin and fancy outfits during the day.....but, at night, their beady black eyes would follow you wherever you walked, soooo frightened you would look away, only to look back and see that they had moved, and they're still looking at ya! Where's my sledgehammer??!!!

Have a good 1, jj
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