Indiana Jones

heres a tribute to the greatest action hero of all time.
November 14, 2007
hey, its davidyck again. I’ve come up with a new topic to use in an article, so for those who still don’t know what the subjects is, its-



a while ago a user decided to write an article as a tribute to star wars. in the article he wrote about how star wars began, he showed us its many movie posters, and just showed us overall how star wars has been in the 30 years its been around. so as I was reading this article, I figured to myself that if star wars deserved an article, Indiana Jones should as well. so here it is.

the idea for Indiana Jones began in George Lucas's mind, the guy who also brought us star wars. a little after the 1st star wars came out, George Lucas met up with Steven Spielberg on a beach. while building a sand castle, Steven told George about how he always wished he could direct a James bond film, but George told him "I’ve got something better than that" I suppose we all know what he said.

so in 1980 Steven decided to make his 1st film with Indy. at 1st George and Steve had difficulty with
who should play the 2-fisted archeologist, but 3 weeks before production started Harrison ford popped up.


in this Indy film, the year is 1936. the Nazis are on the trail of the biblical ark of the covenant, which can give invincibility to those who possess it. Indiana Jones is told by the government to find the ark before the Nazis do. There’s not much else of a plot but that, but don’t be fooled into thinking this film is not worth checking out.

this was an incredible film when it came out. many at the time had never seen so much action and suspense combined to create an amazing flick. a critic at the time said that there was more action in the 1st 10 minutes then in any action film he had seen before. while this is not my favorite Indy film, I really liked this film and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who still has not seen it.


this film took place in 1935, a year before raiders started. escaping from a nightclub brawl, Indiana Jones crashes into India, where he receives a mission from some of the village people to retrieve their diamond and bring back their children. the rest of the film consists of incredible special effects(at the time anyway,) and breathless action.
this is my favorite Indy film and not to mention my favorite film, period. there was 10 times more action than the 1st one and in my eyes, Indy seemed more like a hero in this one. the sad thing was the film was not very popular at the time, due to Kate Capshaws annoying screaming and the lack of character buildup. but who cares? this film is so much fun. Definitely a 10 out of a 10.


the film starts with a prologue showing Indy at age 13 in one of his 1st adventures. the film continues in 1938. Indiana Jones along with his dad are searching for the holy grail, an artifact believed to give and take away life. along the way he has trouble with Nazis(once again) and several other enemies.

this is my least favorite Indy film, but that’s not saying that this is a horrible film. this was a great flick, with great characters, great actors and a great storyline. while this film does at times seem too much like a ripoff off of raiders, it holds many great trademarks mot seen in the other Indy films. plus this film showed what Indiana Jones was like as a teenager.

Well, because im a nice guy, as a reward to all those who have read my article, I’ve decided to fit in an excerpt about the upcoming 4th Indiana Jones film.

not much is known about the film yet, due to Steven and George keeping the film extremely secretive, however there are a few things we do know. the film will take place in 1957, and will show a 58 year old Indy. many will be thinking that Harrison ford is too old to these films anymore, but according to Wikipedia, not only is he in the movie, but he is ALSO doing the stunts by himself.

its also known that Indiana Jones is fighting the soviet union this time, and the artifact he is looking for is the crystal skull. so fat we know that it will be starring Harrison ford,(of course), Shia Labouf, Karen allen Cate Blanchett as well as many other actors.

some may wonder what Harrison ford looks like now. here’s a picture to appease that curiosity.

well, I think that sums that up I’ve made my point, and there’s not much else I can say about the Indiana Jones trilogy, so see ya.
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