He's my pal too!

A Look at my First Friend
September 23, 2009
So before I get started, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Buddy_Rivell and this is my first article on retrojunk. I hope not to disappoint and also hope you guys and gals enjoy my memories as much as I do, and if you don't, I won't challenge you to a fight at 3:00. ;)

This article is going to take us on a journey back to 1992. I was in Kindergarten in a little suburb of Ohio and it is the start of November. Mom is taking a trip to the most holy of places for a child and has invited me along.

"... By the beard of Zeus!"

As many of you can imagine, I was ecstatic. It was a little over a month before Christmas and I definitely could use a refreshment of what toys I could add to my list this year. It always seemed like I enjoyed and received the same things every year for Christmas: G.I. Joes, Marvel Figures, Ninja Turtles, etc. So we get out of my mom's car and make the trek to the doors.

PSA: Always hold hands and look both ways before crossing; parking lot or street.

As we head in, I shoot straight for the boys isle.

Like I was expecting, all the usual toys, still just as exciting. However, on this fateful November day in Ohio, something caught my eye that I have never seen before. No promo's or commercials in between my favorite cartoons, or ads in the Sunday paper. This was sure to be new and exciting.

This was sure to be my favorite Christmas Gift.
This was sure to be my first Best Friend.

" My Pal 2 says: You're my Best Friend."

My little 6 year old, almost 7 year old mind was sold. This was going to be the gift that I asked mom for. After picking out a gift for my cousin, we walked up to check out, and headed back to the car. Remember hold those hands.
On the way to the car, I told my mom with the greatest excitement, all about the new toy that I wanted for Christmas. It has a cool prong on his head that you can throw rings on to... Awesome buttons that makes him talk to me... You don't have to ditch out anymore cash on a babysitter... Ok, maybe I didn't tell her that last part, but my goodness did I try to convince her that owning My Pal 2, was going to be my future.

The first words out of that woman's mouth, and I love my mother very much: " Aren't you too old for a toy like that?" I was in Kindergarten! By the way she reacted, she might as well of told me I had to pay rent. Being young, I didn't have a quipt response so we went home and I went to mope on a sidewalk somewhere.

" Don't Cry Out Loud!"

So the month passes, I go to school, and lose all hope of ever obtaining that amazing toy... My only friend. Next thing I know, we have Christmas break. Finally, every kids favorite Holiday is at hand. I spent my break much like any kid did in 1992 Ohio: sledding, staying in playing video games, or terrorizing my siblings. Christmas morning comes quicker than ever. I am excited and not even remembering that toy that I was "too old for." I open presents, tearing through them like a lion tears through a gazell. As I open the next gift, I see the bright yellow word " Pal" in the open patch of a present. I get crazy excited to unviel...

" Que Chior of Angels"

I was beside myself. The long Lost treasure, once forgotten, had been recovered and was now mine. I don't remember playing with any other toys that day. Christmas belong to me and my new best friend, My Pal 2. After the New Year, we headed back to school and were told before break to bring in your most favorite toy you got for Christmas. Of course, I may not have been the envy of the class, but I took in My Pal 2. A friend that would never leave my side for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed my first article and please leave good or bad comments and hope to write another soon.

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