My Favorite Movies

This is my first article for this website that consists of my favorite movies
July 29, 2013
so I have have been an avid reader of article for this site since October 2010. i have never bothered to make an account on this site until now. the reason i finally decided to make an account is that i check this site at least once a day and i hardly see any new content when it comes to articles.I'm sure that there's plenty of other viewers that are just like me. the viewers that frequently check for new and interesting content. so i decided that i should finally step up and hopefully be able to provide some more good content upon what is already here

so here goes my favorite movie list in no particular order

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
release date: march, 2004

when i first saw this movie my older sister was watching it and i was bored with nothing better to do so i took a seat right besides her. within the first 20 minutes of the movie i was instantly sucked in.

Also every time i try to explain this movie to people i truly feel like my explanation does no justice to get potential viewers attention so for this movie i would just let the movie trailer do its job .

finally for this movie i strongly recommend that you watch it. i think the message behind the movie for me at least is that you just can't stop true love.

next up!

garden state
release date: January 2004

i first heard of this movie from a girl that i secretly had a crush on. we always talked at work and this was my first job at the age of 15 and in high school.... anyways thats another story. she would always tell me that she swears that the girl in garden state was pretty much her movie version of her. and i wold never get what she was talking about until three years later i decided to finally watch that movie after seeing it for rent at blockbuster. so i rented it and this movie is just amazing and so emotionally breathtaking on so many levels. first of all the soundtrack for this movie goes above and beyond and second the movie makes you feel and connect with the main characters and what they feel throughout the whole film

here's the trailer

so there you have it my favorite movies. i know most people pick three when describing their favorite movies, but picking a third movie for me is always the interchangeable part that changes all the time and i know that these two movies have been my favorites since the first time that i seen then. please watch these movies if you have not yet seen them and let me know what you think. :)
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