The Magic of Summer Fun

Summer fun
September 03, 2008
Over the 4th of July weekend we where all at the in laws for a cook out they had a pool set up for the kids there and my daughter was all about swimming the day away. I was looking at the pool and instantly I was taken back to my youth. The pool my in-laws had set up reminded me of my pool as a kid. It was not one of those blue pools with the inflatable ring that everyone has now it was a plastic pool with a blue liner.
When I was growing up in a small town in Illinois summer always was a magical time for my friends and I. Summer meant we had months to do pretty much whatever we wanted to, it also meant that the old swimming pool was going to be put up in the yard. The pool we had been used and abused from past summers the liner in it had many duct-taped holes, however that just added to the experience in my opinion. The liner was a sky blue and on the sides of it there where animated pictures of cartoon marine wild life that where faded but still visible.

Once that pool was put up the fun began the first day in the pool was horrible because the water had not reached proper temperature and we would all freeze until our bodies got used to it, to this day I am surprised that I was able to father my children because of the cold I put my boys through, after a couple of days the temp was perfect and the fun really began.

The pool may have been small but to us it felt like an ocean that feeing usually passed after a few minutes when someone thought it would be a good idea to take a running jump into the pool and crack there knee on the ground and face the ridicule of being that guy for the rest of the day.

The pool did not have a filtration system however my mom took care of that by placing a small Tupperware container by the pool for rinsing our feet off before we entered the pool to keep grass clippings and thing of that nature out of the pool.

We would play all day in that pool and used our imagination and that is what made the experience that much more fun. We would pretend to be Indiana Jones on his latest adventure out swimming the natives to get to our waiting plane to take us away. The best thing the pool was used for was making endless whirlpools this took a group effort to get it the best. My friends and I would get in a line and start running as fast as we could to get the whirl pool going and once it was going at an acceptable rate we would lay back and go around and around the pool until we all met in the middle those where some of the best days as a kid.

Also the best part of the day of swimming was when my mom would bring out lunch she would bring us ham and cheese sandwiches, Kool Aide and chips the meal was simple however there was a certain magic about it and they always seemed to taste different when we ate them out side with pruned hands and fingers we felt like kings and our towels where our robes.

As the days started to get shorter and the night got a little bit longer the time came to put the pool away for the fall / winter and another summer full of adventures would be coming to an end it was very bitter sweet school was going to be starting soon and the magic of the summer would be dimming however the memories remained like to circle of dead grass in my yard from the pool that lasted another year.
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