My best games growing up

Growing up I was lucky enough to play some real great games so here they are!
By dg
June 14, 2006

"greetings gamers"

I've put together the great games that I grew up playing during the 90s.As the years go by you can see the improvement on graphics and gameplay which was brilliant and more enjoyable as I got older.I lived through the magadrive era and was lucky enough to get the best games released from the console and enjoyed plugging away on some of the most addictive games ever made.I also watched games master which was a classic show presented by Dominik Diamond and the puzzler of them all Patrick Moore not shor if any of you guys and gals ever watched it but it was a really cool show.So here is the list hope you enjoy looking through.

To start with is a classic, strider a hero with daggers that can help you climb walls and his athletic skill was really cool jumping through the levels.There was some real interesting villains in this game with a robotic t-rex and a huge ape.It was a quite strange game set in the future but over all it wasn't bad.

This was a very clever game,or shall I say you had to be clever to get through the levels without letting your useless lemmings die.The music for me is the most memorable bit in it.It was very humorous and went well with the type game lemmings was.The levels were extremely hard as you went on they were very thought out on how you had to save the little gits.Over all Lemming was a very entertaining game with lots of fun.

This is one of the first games I ever played, it was very fun and very hard in places.You play Mickey Mouse that can only jump on his enemies that were little trees and clowns,you name it right to the very end to defeat the evil queen and save minni mouse.It was very good back in the day and kids today would love it.

The action star himself James Pond is robocod ready to take down some toys.This games is very fun to play and its out on the DS. I think kids today like as well showing that some games never get old.Its another game I never managed to complete but it didn't really matter though but was also another addictive game.

This game needs no introduction it was just a full on blood shed game especially if you could do the fatalities.There's loads of cool characters to choose from,I think the first game is the best one because it really showed how fight games could be really brutal as well as being fun.

For me street fighter was so amazing for its great characters and fantastic moves which they performed on each other, with some groovy music to fight to. I loved the arenas which you battled on. There was always repeating movement from people and animals in the background which was really bad now looking back but at the time playing it looked quite cool but then it again it was only 32-bit.

Every body remembers this game,I don't think it was very hard to complete but it had some great visuals and cool beast that you could change into I think every bodies fav was the wolf.Its an ancient game and a classic,I know that they made a remake but to be honest I'm not interested in them because they don't have the same feel to it and magic that made it a success.So my advice is stick to original!

This game reminded me of manga films and had a real Japanese feel to it.I loved playing this game as akid I thought it was really cool playing to heavy doods with big guns tearing through apocalyptic worlds to conquer gods.The action in it was quite relentless and you had breathing spaces when you entered a shop to get upgrades on your weapons and buy armour to survive the levels.A game for its time so I'm not shor if people would appreciate it any more but for me it was aclassic game for the early 90's.

I cant really talk about this game to much because I didn't even complete the first level.All I can say is that the graphics really attracted me to play it.It was visually very eye catching for its time but the gameplay for me was a bit stiff and hard to control but I think if they made it today I think it would do well.The intro was really cool when you see the character escape with a stolen disc it was quite an impressive footage for its time.

Earth worm Jim was just amazing,I was always into super heroes like any other kid but this hero was different.He was a worm that managed to get special suite and a little red gun it was aimed mainly for kids.It could of been a Disney type of game because it was very colourful and had some funny humour in it.Over all it was a git to complete but an amazing game.

I think this is the best Spiderman game ever made it has great music that suites its dark feel and levels.There's loads of the comic book villains that show up which is great.You get the chance to take photos,have a look at them at end of the level and get cash to charge your web cartiges up.I just feel it that stays closer to the comics and his great spidery ability even if its quite dated.A very fun game and can be really tricky in places.

This game is defiantly fun to play.I've always liked both characters but when you get to use Robocop in this it is really realistic with his trademark movement.Although you only get to see the terminator character once its still really entertaining all the way through.The main villains such as ED 209 and Kane characters were a great choice to be put in and gave it more of a movie feel.

I don't know why but when I was a kid I would always try and find this game in the arcades I just think its perfect for that.I never really got that far but I found it was really fun to play but mainly it was very addictive. When I would just about give up on it I would carry on, or go back to it again loads.Its quite good but its defiantly a game made for its time, very retro.

Shonibi is defiantly a favourite growing up I just think he is a really cool character to play mainly because he's a ninja.He can perform some wicked specials to attack his opponents.I never managed to complete the game I always wanted to what the main villain was like but I do remember the boss that looked like Spiderman I thought was quite a hard boss to kill not shor if any one else could remember him.

Another really fun game playing aknite which must reach his lost love princess from an evil monster.This game was very clever and very addictive like allot of the game but it had some good enemies to fight and some humorous music.The levels were all quite good and challenging and the weapons were really cool when you could use it for what ever weapon you had to perform a special move. A great game and aclassic.

Gunstar was a extremely cool game playing to boys with great weapons.I think that this game also has Japanese feel to,it has that jasmines style action which is great.Even though it was amazing it had some strange enemies to fight especially when you reach the chess piece.This is another game which disappointed not complete but its very fun to play with your mate.

This is just a true classic playing three warriors that can perform great magic powers.They must take care of evil skeletons and huge bosses with big hammers and axes till you reach the boss himself Black Adder himself.He uses a very huge sword so you had to be careful but the game over all was amazing.

Ok this is the first game I ever played in my life I thought it was very good playing it as a kid.It was such a good idea and if you look at it its quite a simple idea, like why didn't I think of that.You play good old sonic tearing through levels and at the end of each level you would fight Dr Robotnic and his latest invention.

This game is such a classic and very popular.The fighting in this was out of this world.You had the chance take down human scum in brutal consequences and enjoyed every second of it.You were able to use loads of weapons to help finish off the enemy quicker.The first game set the mark then the second one took fighting games to another level both had great music and cool bosses to fight.Between two of them the second one kicks ass the most.

Road rash was quit brutal game.You had to race but what made this game so fun was that you could take out your opponents with police batten or a chain.You could jump over dears and land into cars that would make fly thought he air.You called also get better bikes which were faster but when I managed to buy better bikes I found I could control them for my life so never really that far but it was an amazing game.

This game was totally quality in gameplay.It has an apocalyptic feel with six hard nailed mercenary ready to destroy a super machine called the chaos engine.It had great music and great levels.The weapons were very inventive futuristic laser guns to big cannon guns.Over all it was a very exciting game to play and also popular.

This game is defiantly fun to play taking out Iraqis nothing more better than that these days just joking.It was great to save POW'S and storm basses and obliterate them to pieces.The game had great detail and clever missions to complete like taking out leaders and terrorists but over all it was a kick ass game.

This is defiantly in my opinin the greatest strategy game.I never played the previous games but this one managed to hook me on playing it and I found I was quite good completing some of the mission maybe I should become commander.It had great levels and amazing action in it.

I really liked this game allot.I don't think that many people did they seemed find Abe to annoying but that didn't bother me atoll.I just thought the levels were so spectacular and beautiful.The game for me was quite hard I managed to reach the end but I was unable to complete it again.The game some real odd looking creatures no wonder they called oddworld but it was really good game in my opinion.

The first game I ever played on playstation1 and it totally blew me away.Us kids grew up on platforms so when this came out and you saw the amazing graphics with every thing 3d it was heaven.Tomb Raider was received well,it was defiantly a favourite for me I thought the game was very creepy and I always found it scary when the wolves came.The coolest part of the game was when you got to see the trex.

When this game came I never had the n64 but when its popularity grew I bought one and it was the first time I ever really liked Nintendo. I think that the 64 were able to release a range of games for once that weren't so childish and the greatest in my opining shootemup was born Golden eye.I don't think that it was necessary to be based on the movie but rare did an amazing job on it with the style they used and good use of music.I think every one remembers the multiplayer that would've been the most fun you could have with game like (man with the golden gun) and of course every one wanted to be little old oddjob.

"your way outtin front"
This has to be the greatest car game ever.It has the most amazing crashes and detail to the cars ever.I know its quite old but I think it still hold up well today.It was a really fun game to play especially the destruction derby rings where you where you survived for your life from being totalled.If gran torismo had been able to have damage on there cars as this game had that would be my favourite but weren't able to so this still remains my first choice.

"kicking ass and chewing bubble gum and I'm all outta gum"
Well what can I say about this game.It has to be the funniest action character I've ever played with his smart talk before he wipes his victims to pieces.I Think this game is the best out of the three because it has some real fun levels and great enemies to take out.The others were ok but not inconparison to this.I think they should release a film to this game and I'm shor it would be successful just a question with who would play duke.

I think the resident evil games showed that it was possible to make films based on them because they were so intelligent games.The first game was really creepy it scared the crap out of me with really eerie music and really suspenseful moments with zombies creeping around corners slowly reaching you.Over all the game was a breakthrough for the sequel to be made with a great demand because it made such a huge fan base.The second game was more of an action game.It had a slow build up to the final climax by killing off William burkin.Both games were defiantly my favourite, it was a shame the live version movies never managed to capture the cleverness and suspense that the games made.

My best game I've ever played in my life is still ocarina of time.This game was so big in scale as well as a huge blockbuster of a game it had everything.Personally I don't like puzzles and that sort of stuff but this game made it so fun to do that and loads of other extras to do like going fishing.It was the first realistic game where there was night and day I really think that this game set a standard showing that games could be really beautiful as well as being compelling.

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