Weird Cartoon Moments

My picks for the weirdest cartoon moments
June 29, 2009
Hey everyone. A lot of people have done around this site have done articles about "Scary Moments in Cartoons". So I've decided to do something along those lines, but instead of mentioning scary moments, I am going to mention the moments that are just weird and bizarre.

5. Porky in Wackyland (1938)
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This is short is just plain wierd, that the whole short is really worth mentioning. The cartoon has Porky Pig trying to catch a Do-Do Bird through a crazy landscape (the creatures who live in this landscape are crazier). The wackyland scenes are heavily based on the surreal artwork of Salvador Dali. Though not really one of my all time favorite Looney Tunes shorts, this is a great short and is worth revisting

4. Pink Elephants on Parade
From: Dumbo (1941)

When you tell somebody to name one of the most weirdest scenes in animation history, chances are that they'll mention this scene. Though it doesn't take the cake as the weirdest scene in a cartoon, it's weird enough to be mentioned in this list. When Dumbo and Timothy accidently get drunk, they start to see multicolored elephants singing and dancing. This scene sort of forshadows the psychedelic animation we would start to see sometime in the '60s.

3. Transylvania 6-5000 (1963)
From: mentioned cartoon
Like Porky in Wackyland, I'm mentioning the whole short because of it's whole weirdness. Being that this was the last Golden Age Bugs Bunny short that Chuck Jones directed, he really pulled out all the stops for this short. When Bugs stays for the night at a Transylvanian castle, he matches wits against a vampire named Count Blood Count. Adding to the weirdness is the even weirder Bill Lava score (I consider this be one of his better cartoon scores). This is great for vampire fans and preteens and teens should watch this instead of Twlight (c'mon, Count Blood Count could wipe out Edward Cullen in a millisecond)

2. Heffalumps and Woozles
From: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1968)

The things that makes this scene better than "Pink Elephants on Parade" is that it's "of it's time" and the song in this sequence is more catchy than the earlier song. After he hears about the mentioned honey stealing creatures, Pooh has a nightmare where he goes into a psychedelic world where he sees these creatures doing what they do best. Though it's a Sherman Bros. song, the melody reminds me of a typical score that Bill Lava would do for the Warner Bros. cartoon studio (which was in it's penultimate year at the time this featurette came out). It seems that this scene is the reason this short won the Best Cartoon Short Oscar.

1. Now Hear This (1963)
From: mentioned cartoon

Though not well known, this whole short for me takes the cake. This cartoon starts it's weirdness as soon as the titles come on the screen (this was the first Looney Tune to have the abstract opening and closing titles that would open the cartoons in the DePatie-Freleng and Seven Arts eras). The cartoon has no voices and mostly no music. The cartoon relies mostly on weird sound effects and backrounds (i.e. a low toned bird tweet, a gigantic explosion with giant letters to make up for no visual explosion). It's a shame this cartoon didn't get the Oscar it rightfully deserved.

So ends yet another animation related countdown.

MarioSonic94 signing out.
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