My Life As I Knew It

Memories from the 90's
January 17, 2011
I have many fond memories from my childhood years, and wish often that I could re-live them. My strongest include some of the shows, movies and toys that I think of more often than others from the wonder years, including...

The Wonder Years (HA!) [1988-1993]

I LOVED this show. It was the first "real-life" TV show I ever watched religiously (the rest being cartoons, mostly).

Boy Meets World [1993-2000]

This is another all-time favorite TV show that I still watch to this day (If I remember to set my DVR). Their later years are my preference to watch now, but I did recently get the chance to watch every episode from 1. Ah, memories. And Shawn.

Serendipity the Pink Dragon (or is it dinosaur?) [1989]

Apparently this is not a movie, as I thought it was. According to Wikipedia, it was a 26-episode anime series that aired weekly from July 1, 1983 to December 23, 1983, and was later released in the United States on a video tape in 1989. Anyway, it watched like a movie to me, and was pure magic from what I remember. The title of the "movie" is Serendipity the Pink Dragon, but in the opening song Serendipity is referred to as a dinosaur.

Rockadoodle [1992]

Thumbs up if you've seen this movie! I can't tell you how many times I watched this movie as a kid. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. I was never a huge fan of Elvis, but you don't have to be to enjoy this film. I owned a copy once, but unfortunately it was lost at some point. I've looked endlessly at yard sales without any luck. I would love to own a copy again.
The Princess and the Goblin [1992]

This movie was one of my absolute favorites. I still own my copy, the same copy I watched over and over again back in the day. Princess Irene, the young lady pictured above, was my hero(ine).


I could never keep these things alive, but I sure loved to collect them. I had a Tamagotchi computer game that I had a great deal more luck with; same concept, with a bit of a storyline. I also owned a Pocket Pikachu at one point.

Spin Art

Who is with me? This thing made me feel like an artist and that I was going somewhere :-p I never owned one, but a few of my friends did.


There was Talkboy and then there was Talkgirl. I begged my parents for this, as I had a thing with voice recorders in general (I liked to host my own talk shows). The greatest thing I remember about Talkgirl was that you could change the settings so that your voice either sounded really low or really high-pitched. I loved that feature.

I'm going to go ahead and conclude this article now :) It is my first, and I hope I did well. Please comment!
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