Three Classic NES Game Endings

A short look at 3 classic game endings from the 80's
September 04, 2008
How many of us can remeber sitting around for hours playing through our NES collection? I remember in the early day of the NES there were three games that to this day I enjoy playing through. It's those three games that I will look at here, and the way they ended when you finished them.

This game is one of my favorites for many reasons. I remember the first time I played it. The sounds, the music, and the graphics were like nothing I had ever seen. The maker of the game, Tecmo had always been known for their NES games being first rate. This game led the way for them all. I remember playing it for hours. The game had no way to save, such as a code system, so if you wanted to take a break due to thumb cramps and pick it up later your only choice was to leave your NES on and hope no one bothered it until you got back. Once back on the game though I took it through to the end, and at the end I was given one of the greatest disappointments of my life.

That's right. What I think is a window, a bird flapping it's wings but not getting anywhere, and a rainbow. That was IT! Even the music that played in the background was lame. After some of the best game play ever on the NES you were treated to the lamest ending in the history of video games. Thanks Tecmo, you scarred me for life.

Oh yeah! The first, and for what it was at the time it was made, the best Metroid game of them all. This game had it all. If you played Metroid and didn't like it, you should turn in your NES. Growing up, if you planned to play Metroid you had better have some time on your hands, because this game is long. Thankfully it had a code system that allowed you to start over without losing everything you'd done. It was on of the first games that really allowed the player to go anywhere and go anything they wanted. This of course meant getting lost alot, but it was so worth it. On day me and my younger brother sat down to play through the game. The plan was that we would take turns and me being the great big brother that I was, let him go first. Well I never got a turn. This day he was in the zone. He played straight through the game without dying once. This was impressive but what sent us both through the roof was what happen next. That day we learned a secret bigger than the "Crying Game". Samus was a chick!

For is article I could only play well enough to get the helmet off, but that day my brother played the best game you could, and not only did Samus remove the helmet, but she removed the entire uniform that the character had been sporting throughout the game. Left standing there, was clearly a female in what looked like a one piece swimsuit, but who cares. It was a chick and we were stunned. We called everyone we knew to spread the word. It took some convincing and a few more playthroughs but soon the entire neighborhood was in on the secret.

I saved the best for last. This is the game that in my opinion is the all time best NES title. It had everything you could want in a game. The graphics and music in this game had to be pushing the little NES to the breaking point. This was also another really long game, but again it had a code system to keep you going. My brother may have become a local legend on Metroid, but Kid Icarus was all mine. I had every inch of this game comitted to memory. This was a game that I enjoyed so much that when my copy of it stopped working, I traded a friend 4 of my other games for his copy. This was one of the few games that I would play start to finish without ever stopping, just so I could hear the ending music. There were a few times when I turne the game of and just let the opening music repeat, it was and is that good. Once you reached the last level of the game, you were geared up in the treasures you had recovered and set off to do battle. You felt invincible flying towards your finial fight.

This to me was the best ending of any game of that day. It left you feeling like you had just sat through a movie. For those of you that can remember it, you know that tune is playing through your mind right now.
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