Drake & Josh
Debut: January 11, 2004
Ended: September 16, 2007

Drake Parker(Drake Bell) is a ladies man, rock star, and not very academically achieved. Josh Nichols(Josh Peck) is smart, funny, and not very popular. One day, Drake's stay-at-home mom Audrey(Nancy Sullivan) and Josh's dad, weatherman Walter(Jonathan Goldstien) announce they are marrying, and these two different boys are now bothers! They live together with their daily antics along with Drake's cunning trickster of a younger sister Megan(Miranda Cosgrove).

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Josh: "Stupid sky! You don't wanna fit--fine! BRRRING--IT'S FOR YOU! There! Who fits now?!"
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Kid: "Eww, gross! There's a Band-Aid in my milk!"
Josh: "Aw, jeez!..."
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Josh: "I don't control the speed at which lobsters die!"
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Josh: "Hello, s'mores! Hello, pain!!"
Drake: "Uh, Josh. They normally put the prize in the ceral, not the milk."
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Josh: "I caught Dad sneaking in-he was wearing a suit-when I asked him where he was he says "I was out buying milk but I drank it all on the way home"."
Drake: "Oh that's bad."
Josh: "Yeah, I know."
Drake: "We really needed some milk!"
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Josh: "Megan, why was your bucket on top of our door?"
Megan: "Why was your door under my bucket?"
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Josh: "Man I am so angry!"
Megan: "At who, the guy who sold you those clothes?"
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Drake: "Dude, when life hands you free nachos you don't question it."
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Josh's Driving Instructor: "I hate teenagers."
Josh: "Oh yeah, we're the worst!"
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Megan: "Craig fell of the roof again!"
Eric: "I'm Eric!"
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Helen: "Never seen a television you could power by turning a crank. It's like voodoo."
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Crazy Steve: "Come on Dora! You're the one with the map! Don't ask me!"
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Crazy Steve: "What happened to the picture?!?!"
Eric: "You need to keep cranking it and my arm is getting tired."
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Craig: "Can I take a break yet?"
Crazy Steve: "You will take a break when Dora finds her way to that banana tree! Come on Dora, it's right there! Obre los ojos!"
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Eric: "OK everyone, we have two hours till the show so you have that long to talk and drink some of Josh's world famous limeade."
Helen: "His limeade tastes like mucus! You watch, this fern is gonna be dead by nightfall!"
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Helen: "There is is! Rock star Drake Parker and his band whose names I do not know."
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Megan: "It's drizzling outside."
Drake: "Drizzling?"
Megan: "It means a light rain."
Drake: "I know what drizzling means!"
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Drake: "It's raining outside! There is water falling from the sky!"
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Drake: "You're a nerd-how do you stop the rain?!"
Craig: "You can't."
Drake: "Don't say "can't"-the rain's gotta stop!"
Craig: "Hold on, let me get the Rain Fairy on the phone!"
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Josh: "But I'm not ready to die! I haven't seen Paris!"
Drake: "They eat snails, the people smell bad, you don't want to go there."
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