Strangest wrestlers from the eighties

Check out the strangest people who ever graced the square circle. Includes a guy with a bull mask!
February 20, 2005
Wrestling has been around for a very long time but the eighties really elevated the sport into the mainstream category. 1984 was the birth year of the annual wrestling Superbowl called Wrestlemania and launched the career of guys like Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy. These wrestlers were pretty normal however. They just acted like wrestlers. You may think that’s normal, but in wrestling, almost nothing is normal. See, every wrestler has to have a gimmick which separates him from the rest of the bunch. About half of the wrestlers I’ve seen had the priviledge to act like wrestlers, while the other had less luck….

Welcome to the strangest wrestlers from the eighties.


Yup, it’s the same guy who wrestles today. His gimmick is that he’s dead and that’s the first problem. How do you convince the viewers you’re dead while wrestling? Do you take long naps during matches or something? It just isn’t gonna work. To make mathers more convincing he sometimes appeared in a casket and rose from it to make him seem deader. A guy in a casket who doesn’t move seems like a dead huy to me. The second he exits the casket to run around a wrestling ring, he loses all his credibility. To make matters worse, Undertaker changed his gimmick in the nineties and became a biker only to change back to a dead man later on. He was appearantly buried alive (again) and again became dead guy. Doesn’t work on me.

Honky Tonk Man

Honky Tonk Man was Elvis. Yup, his gimmick was that he was Elvis Presley. Honky Tonk Man danced around and wore Elvis suits all the time. Problem was, that was all he could. As soon as the match started he got outwrestled by almost everybody. To make up for his lack of wrestling skills, me always brought his guitar to the ring so he could hit his opponent with it as soon as the referee wasn’t watching which was very often since he held the Intercontinental title for seven years. He now wrestles at porn/wrestling hybrid shows. At least he got a cool theme song.


Doink was the wrestling clown, literally. His gimmick was that he was a clown who wrestles. How can anyone take someone like him seriously. Imagine you are a wrestler, waiting the ring for your opponent wwhen suddenly you hear some lame circus music and out comes a stupid clown. Everybody hates clowns. To make things worse, he was later on accompanied by a Mini-Me version of Doink called Dink.

Max Moon

In the present we have the Hurricane and Rosey as superhero-wrestlers, but who could you rely on in the early days of wrestling? None other than………Max Moon!
Max Moon was a wrestler who came all the way from the moon to wrestle on planet earth. To make him more interesting, he had a special suit covered with tubes o convince people he really came from the moon. If he really was someone who came from the moon then I’ll bet he has something better to than to fly all the way to earth every Saturday morning to beat up some unknown wrestler. (since he never got to wrestle a high-profile opponent)

Xanta Clause

No, that’s not a typo. Xanta Clause was Santa's evil twin. To make clear he was the opposite of Santa they announced him coming from the South Pole. Also in contrast to Santa, he steals presents instead of giving them. One thing he had in common with Santa though, was that they both cannot wrestle very well. Luckily he got off the air almost a month after his debut.


Now this was a bad gimmick, but the guy who played the role of Mantaur did this so convincingly that you wondered if he was really insane. You can say anything about all the previous gimmicks, but at least these were human gimmicks. The Mantaur on the other hand was pretending to be a bull. I'm not kidding, this guy ran around in the ring like crazy while mooing. To make things worse he was walking around wearing a pretty shitty bull mask half of the time.

Of course, this is only a handful of the crazy wrestlers we've seen since the eighties, but these will do for now.
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11 years, 11 months ago
No sir the honky tonk man was a great wrestler you cant hopld the belt that long if you cant wrestle. Now the bushwackers that was weird.
    12 years, 4 months ago
    There was also Kamala,Bruiser Brody,Missing Link,George the Animal Steele,Moondogs,and the Red Rooster.
      13 years, 5 months ago
      Nice article. But you're wrong saying Max Moon never wrestled high-profile opponents. On the very first RAW, he wrestled HBK for the IC title.
        13 years, 11 months ago
        I believe we forgot about The "Giant" Gonzalez. Check him out
          13 years, 11 months ago
          I always thought the Birdman KoKo Beware was odd. But then again so were the Bushwhackers.
            14 years, 7 months ago
            LOL! That Xanta Clause is Balls Mahoney!
              15 years, 1 month ago
              The Undertaker?!! The F*@king Undertaker?!!! What the f*%K are you thinking including him on this list? Oh no, but you are right, I mean he is only one of the most popular and sucessfull wrestlers of all time, but obviously his gimmick was a complete dud.
                15 years, 2 months ago
                Good lord, this list is horrendous. As others have stated, only Honky Tonk Man was an '80's wrestler. Undertaker debuted in 1990, Doink in 1992, Mantaur and Xanta Clause were in around 1995, and Maxx Moon was in 1993-ish. As far as the characters, Honky's IC title run was very successful. His feud with Savage drew money. Undertaker was one of the most successful wrestling characters of the 1990's. The others were not very good, although when Doink was the "Evil clown", it was pretty entertaining.
                  16 years, 3 months ago
                  you are an idiot. the undertaker doesnt 'pretend' to be dead. he doesnt pretend to be dead at all. dummy
                    16 years, 4 months ago
                    I watched Sun. @ 11am on channel FOX41. To this day I tell others it's fake!!! Boy do I get yelled at!!
                      16 years, 4 months ago
                      What about the "Million Dar Man"? he was awesome. He would come out in nice suits and suitcases of money. And who remebers "Tatonka", the native american wrestler who danced around the stage like he was at a campfire or something. But the alltime best was "The Rainbow Warrior" in the late 90's. What a name.
                        16 years, 4 months ago
                        I love WWE favorite Wrestlers are The Undertaker Stone Cold and Kane. I like your Articles Vitamin Keep up the good work here.
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