Collection of Kiss comics/pictures from all sorts of KISSarmy members.
December 14, 2006
This is just a collection of great fan photos and drawings from all sorts of kissarmy members.
I don't have a whole lot of time to put every single one in because there are so many so just to make it look nice I pick the top 10 greatest looking ones and give you a breif thought/opinion of what I think of it. Okay here we go (Not in any specific order just a list)

10. Scott Ian of Anthrax and of Course Good ole Gene Simmons.
I don't have much to say about this picture but if you are a KISS and Anthrax fan this would be a great poster to hang on you wall and impress all your friends, Hats off to the creator of this great looking piece of art Good job.

9. Who'd a Thunk it KISS as everyone's favorite comic book heros the X-Men
Professer X as Gene Simmons
Wolverine as Peter Criss
Cyclops as Paul Stanley
Rouge as Ace Frehley
Jubilee as Vinnie Vincent

Now I wont get to harsh but all though this is a great drawing(Obviously a spoof of X Men) This picture does seem to apper to have been drawn by marvel comics and who ever uploaded it has just added the kiss faces on to the bodys of the X men(Notice how they look funny with the make up). Great job but next time just draw the whole picture himself and then add the faces(Would look much better).

8.If all else fails there's nothing like a drawing of all 4 members in make up colse up.
Like I said if all else fails and you cant think of anything to draw or keep screwing up there's nothing like tracing/drawing the outline of the 4 famous faces and then just filling out the rest of it your own way.

7. AH what's better than a drawing of gene simmons in a crazy pose or situation...........THIS
Another great waste of time during those long hours of math class, what better than drawing a picture of gene or any other member of kiss on your binder, Word of advice.....Don't get caught drawing during a lesson or when the teacher is standing right behind you beleive me it is the worst thing ever especially if your teacher is a sourpuss and rips it up right in front of you, just writting this is bringing a tear to my eye, I had a great drawing of ace once until I got caught, so I'll leave you to think about what happened afterwards. LOL

6. OMG When I saw this picture I just laughed my but off I mean come on the smurfs, If you are not laughing at this picture I think you need to check your pulse or tempreture.
Not much to say about this picture but HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAA this is probably going to be the funniest thing I have ever seen or will.
Now into the top 5

5. A picture of Ace Frehley submitted by another kiss fan.
I know what some of you are saying It's not as hot looking as the others but lets just say that I'm a die hard ace fan.

4. Now here's a masterpiece, a great pencil crayon drawing of the one and only Peter Criss.
Let's not spoil the moment and ruin the silence so lets just look at it in AW.

3. Another Great looking pencil drawing of a Kiss drummer, only this time it is the late great Eric Carr (R.I.P)

2. Now Before anyone gets offended by this next picture I wan't to take a moment to explain to all of you that I just thought this was a cool pic, I'm not making fun of anyone or anything but come on even you have to laugh at this one, Jesus wearing Gene Simmons Make - Up (Just A Small Fact for all of you, I beleive the artist choose Gene's Make up because gene is a full blooded Jewish Person and if you don't beleive me look it up even you will be surprised when you read of gene's backround)
Like I said I'm sorry if I have offended someone but I'm not making fun of anything religious.

Now Before I show the #1 photo I must send my thanks out to the millions of KISSarmy members out there for sending in there drawings/masterpieces. All Pictures courtesy of For all you die hard kiss fans this is the site to be at and yes this is the official site of KISS.

Okay #1

1. This is a great drawing of Kiss in one of their classic poses, and to tell you just how classic I have the same poster on my wall since I was a kid.
By the way has anyone noticed that peter criss is not in the picture? If you are wondering who it is I will tell you. That is Eric Singer he has been a kiss fan for years and was/is the drummer now that peter has moved on with his life. Wouldn't it be great to once again see all 4 members in make up and costume in this millenium, I know that if it ever happens again this time I will not miss out. For the record I do know they got back together in 1996 for quite a few years but It would be great to see them again in 2006 or 2007 only time will tell. Well I hope you enjoyed my rambling and this great article.
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