Sonic 1 memories

My memories with the blue blur's debut game
October 22, 2009
Hey everyone. After being on the site for more than a year, I decided to (finally) make a video game article. This will be about my memories with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis (duh!). On with the memories.

(screenshots courtesy of The GHZ)

Green Hill Zone

Description: With this level, Sonic made his grand video game debut. Pretty much a typical easy first level

Memories: Since this is an easy level, there's not much to say about this stage. Only that it has great music and a good boss in Act 3

Marble Zone

Description: Sonic jumps over lava and crumbling ledges that are part of ancient ruins.

Memories: I hated the lava in this level, especially in Act 3. Most of the time, I would die in that act because of that damn lava. Other than that, this is a decent level.

Spring Yard Zone

Description: Sonic enters a neon filled world where he bounces of bumpers that makes him look like a radiant blue pinball (sounds kind of familiar)

Memories: Though not as good as Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone or Sonic 3's Carnival Night Zone, this level is pretty good in it's own way. The music is, in my opinion, one of video games best, because of it's '90s pop music beat.
Labyrinth Zone

Description: Sonic discovers more ancient ruins. This time, they're underwater.

Memories: Though the music is great, I have a sort of a grudge on this level. Underwater, the game seems to really slow down. The boss in this zone is also sort of a pain in the @$$.

Star Light Zone

Description: Sonic flings and spins his way through this starry aerial highway

Memories: This is my second favorite zone in the game, mainly because of it's catchy music and simple 3rd Act boss.

Scrap Brain Zone

Description: Sonic is getting closer to Dr. Robotnik's hideaway. And to get there, he has to get through the factory machinary and the badniks (enemy robots) in Robotnik's refineries.

Memories: This is my favorite stage throughout the whole game, if not all Sonic games. The only downside in Act 3, since it suffers the problems from Labyrinth Zone.

Final Zone

Description: Sonic has final reached Robotnik's hideaway. The derenged villain tries to crush Sonic with 4 giant pounding pistons. And with no rings with him, strategy plays a big role in this fight.

Memories: Not the best final boss in video games. First time you screw up. Afterwards, it's fine and dandy when you get the hang of it.

Hope you enjoy my first video game article and if this one goes well, more will come.
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