What Happened To Burger King?

A look back on how Burger King use to be awesome.
February 06, 2014

Like every other kid, I loved eating fast food. But one of my favorite fast food restaurants to go to was Burger King.

Since 1953, Burger King has long been the #1 rival of McDonald's. It all started when they introduced custom orders so that customers can have their burgers done their way, which originally, McDonald's didn't do.

When you were on the road, and you drove by a Burger King, you use to ALWAYS see a building with a blue or brown rooftop with the name "BURGER KING" in orange letters.

Burger King's main logo also use to have the name in red letters and was sandwiched between two buns. And the main slogan was and always has been "Have It Your Way" and was the home of the Whopper.

I use to love going to Burger King back in the 90's, and even continued eating there up for the first half of the 2000's. My parents use to take me their a lot when I was a kid.

And like everybody, I use to LOVE the Whopper.

The lunch wasn't the only thing I liked about Burger King. What I use to love about Burger King was order off their breakfast menu in the morning.

Sometimes my mom would take me their for breakfast on some days. I use to get either a sausage biscuit or chicken biscuit.

But what I absolutely LOVED getting was their hash browns! I loved eating those things as a kid. They were so yummy! Ah, sweet memories!!!

Another thing that Burger King used to have was the Burger King Kid's Club.

The Burger King Kid's Club was an old campaign by Burger King promote the Burger King Kids Club meal by providing a group of stylized characters.

I remember when I was little, I use to be a member of the this club back in the Late-90's. If it was your birthday month, you would receive an annual mailing that contains games, product information, and a coupon for a free Kids' Meal from the Burger King Kids Club. You would also get a Burger King crown to put on your head.

Back then, Burger King use to be a great place to get toys inside kids meals. They use to have so many tie-ins for movies or cartoons. I loved going to eat Burger King just for the toys alone!

Back then, I remember them have toys in kid menus based on Star Wars, The Simpsons, Pokemon, Rugrats, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man, Men in Black, you name it!

I loved getting Burger King's kids meal toys and wish they still did them!

As the 2000's rolled in, Burger King began to rebrand themselves, In 1999, they got rid of the old logo for a newer more modern looking logo.

Many Burger Kings all over the country began to change the design of the buildings and completely got rid of the classic look.

The Burger King Kids Club changed to the Big Kids Club. However, Burger King eventually canceled the Big Kids Club.

In the Mid-2000's, they started using a new Burger King character as their new mascot. The new mascot would appear in all of their TV commercials and ads.

While the new campaign was highly successful for a while, eventually Burger King started to lose money and revenue, and even some Burger Kings around the country actually started to go out of business.

So the other day, I decided to go to my local Burger King after not being there in years.

And the food still tastes good, the place was literally empty. The tables were dirty, and the floor was wet and had NO wet floor sign. Is this what a Burger King is like today???

I've also recently heard rumors about the chain using horse meat as their hamburger meat. Are you freaking serious? Yuck!!!

These days, I never see a bunch Burger King commercials like I used to. They no longer have the Burger King Kids Club. They no longer big tie-ins for kids meal toys like they used to. And the atmosphere and service of the place these days is terrible.

No wonder, Burger King gets crushed in profits by their #1 rival, McDonald's!

What happened to what use to be one of my favorite fast food chains???
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