My favorite Roleplaying games

These were and are still some of the best games I ever played..
December 31, 2006

I discovered this game by accident. One night I went to Hollywood Video and I rented it. I rerented it at least one more time. Then I went to the store and bought it. I wish I still had this game. It was a great idea and concept although I haven't played the other six games that came after it. I enjoyed the originality of this game everything tied together. You think your father is a good guy but the people you meet change your mind. The talking sword was awesome.The puzzles were challenging I hated the paintings that sucked ass. It took me a long time to get passed that part and I am pissed because I never beat the game...I hope I can find it and play it again.

This game is another one of my favorites. Next to Earthbound..This game kept me interested. I loved the fight system they had for this game. The sequal wasn't bad but doesn't even stack up to the first game. Honestly I think they ruined it by making a sequal. The first game I've beaten at least five times and I wish I still had the game because I really want to play it. I would put the game in now. The story goes like this. You play as Vahn and you live in a small village..The land is covered with thsi myst and if the myst touches you. You get possessed by these creatures called Seru. Cool concept...The village you live in is surrounded by a wall that keeps the myst out and then one night a creature breaks into your village. the myst then comes in..You then approach the Genesis Tree and out comes a Ra- Seru named Meta. Ra Seru make it so you can travel threw the myst...I don't want to ruin the game for anyone who hasn't played it. Go pick the game's definatley worth it.

Best RPG ever... this game is so addicting. Everything is hunky dory in a small mountain town until a comet crashes down. The adventure starts from there. I don't want to ruin the game for anyone who hasn't played it. It's worth every hour you spend on it. I would spend about six hours a day playing this game. The great thing about this game is that it doesn't take place in medevil times. This RPG never got the credit it deserved. I always talk about this game and no one has heard of it. I worked at gamestop and one guy out of the 100s of customers high fived me for my favorite RPG. This game is the reason why I am very picky about my RPGs they have to be fun and the story has to be original. If you can find Earthbound and a SNES pick this game up it's worth it...
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