Debut: December 15, 1993
Ended: December 15, 1995

The story: A wooley mammoth from the Ice Age is thawed out in the 20th century by Dr. C and Mikey. Each episode, he tells a story about his caveman friend, Cro. Each story has to do with science in every Stone Age daily life. The show premiered on PBS kids in 1993 and then was taken off the air in the summer of 1995. The show was later reran on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) from 1999-2002. Not sure if show ever did reran on PBS Kids Sprout (which became Universal Kids network), And we are not sure if it will ever rerun on HBO Family.

Announcer: "Funding for Cro is made possible by grant from the National Science Foundation. And by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, And by the support from this station, and other public television stations, and their contributors."
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