Debut: February 06, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1995
Debut: February 06, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1995

Before he settles down to become the prince of Agrabah, the street rat turned hero sees the world, continuing to rescue people, making new friends and enemies. Genie's impressions and modern jokes continue to annoy Iago, but give every evil they face a light side. Princess Jasmine learns more about ruling and proves that she can be a hero when the occasion calls for it. And the sultan... Well, he continues to play with toys the whole day. Throughout the show, the teams faces something from each of their pasts along with mud creatures, bumbling theives, Greek inventors, the shambling undead, a selfish sand witch, a power crazed sorcerer, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. At the end of every day, Aladdin finds that he still has his friends and his home.

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Voice of Genie: "the one who did the Voice of Genie Is NOT Dan Castellaneta' it was robin williams -Voice of Genie"
genie in shape of dog: "arf-arf -genie in shape of dog"
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