We Without Wings
Debut: January 01, 2011
Debut: January 01, 2011

An anime adaptation by the studio Nomad started airing on April 4, 2011. Edit It's winter in the big city of Yanagihara, and young people will meet and fall in love. Takashi Haneda is a teenage boy who plans to escape to another world, but is held back by thoughts of his younger sister Kobato Haneda and his girlfriend Asuka Watarai. Shūsuke Chitose is a poor part-timer who has to work with student-author Hiyoko Tamaizumi in spite of their initial dislike for each other. The antisocial Hayato Narita makes his living as a handyman until he is visited by a girl named Naru Ohtori. The anime series is split into three separate vignettes covering the activities of three main groups of people. The first has Takashi Haneda as the main male lead and is focused around his school activities and direct acquaintances. The second has Shūsuke Chitose as the main male lead and is focused around a bar called Alexander and his direct acquaintances. The third has Hayato Narita as the main male lead and focuses on his street acquaintances. As the series progresses, the vignettes become more complex and intertwined, while still being presented in chronological order. Some offshoot stories are told, but have direct connection to the above three main male characters.Main characters Edit The main characters include the main male leads and the main heroines of the series who appear in each or all of the vignettes. Takashi Haneda (羽田 鷹志 Haneda Takashi) Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese); Joel McDonald (English) The main male lead for the school vignette, who goes to a high school in Yanagihara city. He considers himself a hero of a fantasy realm of Gredaguard for which he "escapes" to frequently, going by the name Lord Hawk Cyan-Blue. He befriends Asuka and pretends to be her boyfriend as a favor to her. As the series progresses, it is revealed that his illness is somehow connected to his "escapes", and thinks he is a knight from Gredaguard. He has no knowledge of the other male protagonis

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