Cereal Legends: Part 1

A few of my favorite breakfast cereals
July 02, 2008
As a kid, mornings were always much easier than they were today. I could jump right up and start my daily activities like school and playing outside with little hassle! However, before I stepped in the school house or put on my "play clothes", a ceremonial ritual had to be completed. A ceremony that required me to mingle with legends in the kid world, to be recharged and ready for what the day may throw at me. Of course I am referring to eating breakfast, which included the mother of all breakfast foods...CEREAL.

I can't imagine a childhood without all the varieties of cereal we had as kids. I could hardly even make it home, before ripping the boxes open to reveal the many treasures inside. From brightly colored pieces of grain, to the many prizes that were strategically placed at the bottom, cereal was just plain good! So, in honor of this friend we call cereal, I have comprised together an article of a few of MY favorite breakfast cereals. Sit back and enjoy!

Cocoa Pebbles had to be one of my all time favorites as a kid. Everything From Fred Flintstone to the chocolaty good taste, Cocoa Pebbles never seemed to let me down. Cocoa Pebbles even had decent commercials, featuring Barney trying his best to score a bowl of pebbles; while Fred was always so reluctant to give in and share with his friend. However, if you remember the Christmas commercial as well as I do, you can recall that Fred and Barney put aside their differences for the holidays to indulge in a bowl of pebbles together.

Cocoa Pebbles also featured great prizes, like ink stamps, figurines, and coin holders...which made the cereal worth more than gold itself! Although Fred also offered us Fruity Pebbles as a colorful alternative, Cocoa Pebbles was always a cereal choice for me!

What kid doesn't like eating cereal created by leprechauns? Although Lucky was always running from the kids (refusing to share like ol' Fred), his cereal was heavily sought after...time and time again. Whenever my mom bought a box of Lucky Charms, I always thought I had won the battle. After all, I was eating a cereal that contained marshmallows, it just seemed to good to be true! Now that I am old enough to understand, the cereal really isn't that bad for you. It seems my victories are overshadowed by defeats. Not that it really matters, Lucky Charms were great, and still stand strong today!

Toucan Sam must have known his way around the cereal bowl, for this cereal had to be one of the most frequently bought cereals of my childhood. The colorful rings almost mesmerized you, as they would float about, making your milk all sugary. Fruit Loops always had some good promotion or offer going on as well. I can remember ordering Tailspin, Ducktales, Goof Troop and Dark Wing Duck figurines through Fruit Loops, as well as splashing around my tub with the Toucan Sam baking soda submarine toy. It is safe to say, that if breakfast cereals were to ever compete, Fruit Loops would win some medals...

You and the Cap'n can make it happen! Although I am not quite sure what was ever supposed to happen, me and the Cap'n sailed around the milk bowl a few times in my days. These yellow treasures were very tasty, with or without crunchberries. Cap'n Crunch seemed to be a rather gentle man, as he would always being willing to crunch-a-tize at will, allowing kids to enjoy his cereal any time they wanted. However, the cereal itself lacked the gentle qualities of their mascot, as they were rather ruff to chew up; but hey, who ever said eating treasure was easy??

They're GR-R-REAT! Actually Tony, I would have to disagree with you. I never cared much for Frosted Flakes as a kid, yet I ate them all too often. It just seemed to me, that the flakes would get soggy so fast, leaving me to down a bowl of sugar laced mush. However, Frosted Flakes is a timeless classic to many others, and I have to give the cereal props, for its many promotions...mainly the light up spoons and character themed toys. It was always pleasant to see Tony the Tiger so enthusiastic about his product, therefore I give Frosted Flakes an A for effort!

As a kid, I always considered Raisin Bran an old peoples cereal. This is 100% due to the fact that Raisin Bran and Total were the only choices at the grandparent's house. However, it is a strange occurrence...once I tried the cereal, I actually liked it! Although it did get soggy fast, Raisin Bran provided full taste, as well as two scoops of raisins. If you have ever wondered why we have night, blame Kellogg's, they gave the sun day shift...

To wrap up the article, I am closing with Corn Pops. This golden nugget shaped cereal always reminds me of my dad (or POPS if you will...) because he loved these things. Corn Pops featured many commercials throughout its day, putting kids through stressful and unnecessary situations..because they just gotta' have their pops. Honestly, I truly like cereal, but I never faked school or had a mental breakdown over Corn Pops. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent cereal, but not deserving of Jaws theme music good. Oh well, to each is own I suppose.

Keep your spoon and milk handy because as you can see, there is many more cereals to cover; so don't fret, more legendary cereals are on their way! I hope you enjoyed part one of Cereal Legends, until next time...

Thanks to all of those I borrowed pictures from, you helped make this article possible!
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