Debut: September 11, 1976
Ended: December 18, 1976

The various adventures of a fictional shark named Jabberjaw and his four young adult cohorts in a futuristic underwater world. The quintet also performed regularly as a rock group called The Neptunes. The Neptunes consisted of: Jabberjaw (voiced by Frank Welker): The Neptunes' drummer. Jabberjaw was a great white shark whose voice sounded similar to Jerome "Curly" Howard of the Three Stooges. Jabberjaw found it hard to get respect in a society where "shark ejectors" (robots that would guard various buildings or cities against sharks being allowed to enter) were commonplace, prompting him to frequently utter his catchphrase (borrowed from 1970s comedian Rodney Dangerfield): "No respect!" Biff Starke (voiced by Tommy Cook): A brunette-haired young man, Biff was the band's guitar player and level-headed leader, similar to Scooby-Doo's Fred Jones. Bubbles Blowton (voiced by Julie McWhirter): A blonde-haired young woman, Bubbles played piano for The Neptunes. She was extremely ditzy and dimwitted, similar to Josie and the Pussycats' Melody Valentine. Cleveland 'ClamHead' Rogers (voiced by Barry Gordon): Played bass guitar for The Neptunes. Clamhead tended to be either somewhat nervous or fairly impressed by new things (his catchphrases were "abba-abba-abba!" and "wowee-wow-wow!"). Clamhead was Jabberjaw's best friend, and bore a strong resemblance to Scooby-Doo's Shaggy Rogers. Shelly LaMarine (voiced by Pat Paris): A brunette-haired woman, Shelly played tambourine for The Neptunes. Shelly's personality was very abrasive (similar to Josie and the Pussycats' Alexandra Cabot), and she held a great deal of contempt for Jabberjaw (or "ol' blubberhead" as she would call him). 16 episodes produced. a Hanna-Barbera production for ABC.

jabberjaw: "No respect!No respect! -jabberjaw"
jabberjaw: "yuck,yuck,yuck,yuck -jabberjaw"
Shelly: "You Blubber -Shelly"
Jabberjaw: "Hack! Hack! Hack! -Jabberjaw"
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