Debut: March 27, 2010
Ended: February 02, 2013

Tori Vega is a teenage girl who is accepted into Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school for talented teens. The show follows Tori and her friends as she finds her place within Hollywood Arts, completing school projects that usually involve musical and theatrical performances, and overcoming unusual and absurd challenges. Other students at Hollywood Arts (and the students who make up Tori's group of friends) include the musical prodigy Andre Harris, the socially awkward Robbie Shapiro and his ventriloquist dummy Rex, the sweet but dim-witted red-head Cat Valentine, the sarcastic and mean Jade West (who serves as Tori's frenemy), Jade's handsome down-to-earth boyfriend Beck Oliver, and Tori's untalented and self-absorbed older sister Trina. Other characters include Erwin Sikowitz, the performing-arts teacher for Hollywood Arts; Lane Alexander, the school's guidance counselor; and Sinjin Van Cleef, an odd and often unsettling classmate that handles audiovisual.

Posey: "i thought you didn't like tomato juice"
Andre: "yeah, but i figured if i drink enough, it'll kill me"
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Tori: "read the phone, jade read the phone"
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Jade: "but why have you been sleeping here in school?"
Cat: "because, my parents wanted me to stay with my uncle walter and aunt parla, but they're mean"
Robbie: "whats wrong with them?"
Cat: "everything they don't like my red hair, they only eat vegetables, they said i can't have unlimited texting, and they won't let me flush the toilet unless its absolutely necessary"
Robbie: " ran away?"
Cat: "uh-huh i live here now"
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Tori: "hey, this seems like a lot of pizza dough are you sure you're reading the recipe right?"
Jade: "yeah i said four cups of flour"
Tori: "you said four pounds of flour!"
Jade: "oh yeah, i meant four cups"
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Cat: "its true"
Tori: "that normals boring?"
Cat: "no, that nobody asked me out to the prom"
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Rex: "I told you global warming was bogus!"
Robbie: "Stop watching Fox News."
Rex: "No, it's fair and balanced."
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Robbie: "No no no! This is bad news!"
Robbie's grandma: "What's wrong, honey?"
Robbie: "They cancelled the Internet!"
Robbie's grandma: "They did?"
Robbie: "Yes. Bad economy, low ratings, they just cancelled the whole Internet!"
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Jade: "hey, wait a minute sinjin?"
Sinjin: "hi, jade"
Jade: "where did you get that lamp?"
Sinjin: "[looks behind him] the lamp store"
Jade: "it looks exactly like the lamp i have in my den at home"
Sinjin: "oh weird"
Jade: "are you in my house?!"
Sinjin: "[runs away]"
Jade: "take your computer with you!"
Sinjin: "[takes his laptop] please don't tell my mother!"
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Jade: "what is going on?"
Beck: "you just kicked my door open"
Jade: "put the dog down and tell me about this cheerleader chick who lives next door"
Beck: "im not gonna put the dog down"
Jade: "aren't you?"
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Andres Grandmother: "I DON'T KNOW YOU! AAAHHHH!"
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Cat: "my names cat"
Tori: "oh, like the animal"
Cat: "whats that supposed to mean?!"
Tori: "uh, nothing i love cats"
Cat: "oh me too they're so cute"
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Tori: "as if i care what you think"
Jade: "better watch yourself"
Tori: "can't take it?"
Jade: "don't push me!"
Tori: "eat your pants"
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