American Gladiators
Debut: September 09, 1989
Ended: May 11, 1996

Two teams (one male, one female) compete in games of physical strength against the "Gladiators" - very athletic body builders who attempt to halt the contestants from scoring points in any of the competitions. In the first part of Season 1, there were only six Gladiators (Malibu, Zap, Nitro, Lace, Gemini and Sunny). In later seasons, more Gladiators were added, including Thunder, Ice, Turbo, Diamond, Blaze, Titan, Laser, and Gold. In still later Seasons, more gladiators such as Sky, Tower, Elektra, Havoc and Storm made their appearance. In Season 3, the original Lace left the show and a new Lace replaced her. Not many fans liked the new Lace. Siren and Viper made their appearance in Seasons 5 and 6.

Thunder: "How do I move the Atlasphere? Well, I use anything I can. I'll use my ears, my nose, my legs, my hands, anything I can find to make the thing move. Oh, and if a contender is in the way, I can slam them out of the way, too."
Larry Csonka: "A word of advice, Thunder: Don't use your NOSE."
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Siren: "I can do anything I want to do. The only thing I CAN'T do is HEAR."
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Lace: ""Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly."
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Lace: "Brains can beat brawn any day."
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The Referee: "Contenders Ready....Gladiators Ready -The Referee"
Nitro: "You can run, but you can't hide!"
Lace: "Lace is deceptive. Beautiful, but strong."
Gemini: "You're doomed, baby!"
Gold: "Stuff all five to stay alive."
Laser: "Gladiators never surrender!"
Denise Chase: "So, you want so more of me, huh, Ice?"
Ice: "May I remind you that it was YOU that started the fight during Breakthrough and Conquer?"
Denise Chase: "I believe you have that wrong, Ice. YOU started it by pulling my hair."
Ice: "I'm tired of you playing "The Blame Game." Get up here on this Jousting Platform, and let's get it on!"
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