Fraggle Rock
Debut: January 10, 1983
Ended: March 30, 1987

The Fraggles are fun-loving muppets who live underground and enjoy singing, dancing, and eating Doozer sticks. Their good friends are another species known as the Doozers, who work making the beloved Doozer sticks and have no time for fun and games. The main entrance to their home is a hole in the wall of a workshop kept by an inventor named Doc. Doc's sheepdog, Sprocket, is the only one in our world who knows about Fraggles. Pity he can't tell his owner! The leader of the Fraggles is Gobo. He yearns to travel the world of the humans like his Uncle Matt. His friends are the lively Red, the artistic Mokey, the ever-apprehensive Wembley, and Boober. Boober really likes washing socks, even though the Fraggles are barefoot everywhere they go! Behind their hole in the ground is another world where there lives a wise old trash heap named Marjory, who doles out advice to any soul brave enough to venture out this side of Fraggle Rock. Why brave? On this other side of their world, there also lives a group of oafs known as Gorgs who like to eat Fraggles! Jim Henson's working title for this series was once The International Children's Show. It aired in ten different countries and languages, each with their own Doc-and-Sprocket counterparts filmed in that country and spliced in behind the muppet scenes. Henson wanted every child of the television-viewing world to be able to learn lessons along with the Fraggles in their native tongue and surroundings. He also designed the show to be an idealistic Utopian society where different races (hence the Fraggles' all being a different color) and species (Fraggles, Doozers, Humans, and even Gorgs) were shown to coexist. Maybe not peacefully at all times...but certainly dependent upon one another in some way, shape, or form. The "fraggle" still stays in popular culture in the Sony online multiplayer game Planetside where people who fight in the caves are termed fraggles, e.g "We need more fraggles to Drugsaken."

Boober: "How can you think about gumbo at a time like this? I was almost eaten by a gorg! -Boober"
Silly Tree Creature: "MAMA!...MAMA MAMA MAMA"
Marjory the Trash Heap: "I'm orange peels, I'm coffee grounds, I'm wisdom!"
Boober: "Down in fraggle rock *nod* -Boober"
J.r. Gorg and Mama Gorg: "Junior Gorg: Look, Ma! I got a Fwaggle! Ma Gorg: Aaaaaah! -J.r. Gorg and Mama Gorg"
Junior Gorg:: "That's the best laugh I had since I dropped dead! -Junior Gorg:"
Ma Gorg Pa Gorg: "Ma: Our little Junior's growing up! Pa: I think he's too big already! -Ma Gorg Pa Gorg"
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