Angela Anaconda
Debut: October 04, 1999
Ended: December 10, 2001

Angela Anaconda was a show about a girl who didn't fit in very well. You know the type the one that is friends with all the people that the snobs hate and find geeky or lame. This show first aired on Fox Family. She hates the biggest snob in the school who they call "Ninney Poo".

Angela Anaconda: "Hello, Mr. Mapperson, sir. May I have one of your delicious cupcakes on the account that they are so magically delicious? -Angela Anaconda"
Angela Anaconda: "Ninnypoo! -Angela Anaconda"
Gina Lash: "Gina Lash: [to Angela] I'd give you the shirt off my back... but I'm wearing it. -Gina Lash"
Candy May Nanette Manoir: "Candy May: Um, do you have those things that clip papers? Nanette Manoir: Paper clips? Candy May: Uh, yeah, I think so. -Candy May Nanette Manoir"
Angela: "'Oh Help me Angela. Help me!' you'll say, Nanette!"
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