Perfect Strangers
Debut: March 25, 1985
Ended: August 06, 1993

Larry Appleton, a Chicago working stiff shares his aparment with "cousin" Balki Bartokomous, an immigrant from a country called Mypos. The show hit it's stride during the seasons where the characters began working for The Chicago Times. It met it's downfall when Balki and Larry married their respective girlfriends and moved to the suburbs. The show had a well-known spinoff, Family Matters (Harriet Winslow was the elevator operator at the Chicago Times in Perfect Strangers).

YouTube Videos
Balki: "Now that we are so happy, let us do the dance of Joy! -Balki"
Balki: "Of course Don't be redikolus -Balki"
Larry: "(After a big blast or severe mishap)......Well............ -Larry"
Balki: "I'm amphibious! -Balki"
Balki: "You cannot squeeze water from a sponge! -Balki"
Balki: "When you rolling out the dough, just be sure you roll it slow. If you make the dough too quick, Bippy Bobka make you sick. When you pour the filling in, just be sure you wear a grin. If you smile on what you bake, Bippy Bobka turn out great. -Balki"
Balki: "Hello! My name is Balki Bartokomous. You killed my cousin...prepare to lose your lobes! -Balki"
Balki and Larry: "(After backing into a police motorcycle) Balki: Now can I speak? Larry: Yes. Now you can speak. Balki: For future reference... R stands for reverse -Balki and Larry"
Balki: "I'm Santa Claus, and i say we open the presents now! -Balki"
Balki: "If you roll the dough to quick, bibby bobka make you sick."
Larry: "Hello, my name is...Cousin Lally Appleton."
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